We Are The Wave Season 2 Release Date Latest Details!

We are the wave also known as Wir sind die Welle is a German drama tv series, Directed by Anca Miruna Lazarescu and Mark Monheim. The series is based on the 1981 novel we wave by Todd Strasse, which premiered on Netflix on 1 November 2019, we are wave follows the story of a group of teenagers who come together and raise their voices against social issues such as racism, bullying initiated by the new student Tristian who wants to change the world according to their norms.

As you can guess from the name the series is basically made with the idea to bring change in society, it is a foreign language series that is made for the teenage audience. Even though it is a german series the issues raised in the series can be found anywhere around the world, the audience of the series mainly teenagers have liked the series for its authentic representation of universal social issues. The first season of the series has managed to gain popularity among the viewers which again raises the question of its renewal, the first season of the series had 6 episodes each about 50 minutes long.

We Are The Wave Season 2 Release Date

We are wave season 1 did pretty well, so fans are now looking forward to the second season of the series. The last episode of season 1 came out on 1 November 2019, and everyone is clueless if season 2 is actually happening. Unfortunately, Netflix or the makers of the series have not dropped any information regarding its renewal neither the series has been canceled yet, so we might have to wait longer to know if season 2 will actually happen in the near future.

We Are The Wave Season 1 Release DateNovember 1, 2019
We Are The Wave Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
We Are The Wave Season 2 Release Date

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We Are The Wave Season 2 Story

We are wave follows the story of 5 teenagers with a troubled life who risks their ideals, friends, and love for their future. They believe that they cant change the future by following the rules so they take the risky path to change society. They question everything because they have already wasted a lot of time without anything. The first season began with 2 teenagers drugging a political leader during a seminar. Lea gets fed up with her daily life that’s when a new kid Tristan Broch joins his class. Lea starts taking an interest in Tristan as he seems different from every other kid his age, for some reason Tristian lea also gives attention to Lea. A group of kids starts making fun of Tristian because of the T-shirt he was wearing and Tristian being the weird kid pulls a stunt on them.

Tristian witnesses a group of teenagers messing with a girl he helps her out and tells her to stand up for herself. A kid in the washroom opens up to Tristian about him being a drug dealer the kid tells Tristian to ask him for drugs he assumes that Tristian knew that he was a drug dealer that’s why he followed him to the washroom. Tristian asks Lea to tell him about the school. The entire series follows the events that Tristian and his 4 classmates take in order to bring a change in society followed by protests and every kind of plan they make to meet get give justice to every victim of society. If the series gets renewed for season 2 the storyline may follow Tristian and his friends going on a different adventure to bring justice.

We Are The Wave Season 2 Cast

The series has not been picked by Netflix for its renewal so we are not sure if season 2 will actually ever happen but if the series makes a return with season 2 then the cast from season 1 can reprise their roles in season 2. The cast from season 1 includes Ludwig Simon who played the role of the protagonist Tristan Broch, Luise Befort played the role of Lea Herst, Michelle Barthel played the role of Zazie Elsner, Daniel Friedl played the role of Hagen Lemmart, Mohamed Issa played the role of Rahim Hadad.

Where To Watch We Are The Wave Season 2?

We are the wave season 2 has not been renewed yet, in the meantime, you can stream season 1 on the streaming platform Netflix.

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