Murder Among The Mormons Season 2 Release Date & Other Updates!

Many of us who like history and crimes that have been committed in history, know about the famous name of mark Hoffman, the famous counterfeiter, forger, and also a convicted murderer. The story of his life, the way he rose to his fame, and the entire theory of the salamander theory which was introduced by him into the Mormon church history, divided the entire religion and brought a loss of faith in many people during that time. The murders he committed are some serious events of those times and based on all facts, he is still in jail and running his time for shaking up the entire church and history as well as the murders. This show is a documentary about the crime that was committed by him and has received only a single season based on its coverage of the important events of his life. this show actually got huge viewer counts with much praise from the critics, along with a 7.0 IMDb rating out of 10 which makes the show worth a watch for all.

After the first season of the show, many people have been anticipating the release of the second season of the show. Unfortunately, a second season of the series can be considered completely impossible because firstly when the series came out it was already stated as a mini-series and the first season only received a total of 3 episodes another fact is that the first season covers the entire life events of mark Hoffman and there isn’t much to show beyond what is already revealed in the show.

Murder Among The Mormons Season 2 Release Date

Murder Among The Mormons Season 2 Release Date

The documentary mini-series with a total of 3 episodes made its release on the Netflix platform on the 2nd of March 2021. The production of the series began in the year 2017 and it took nearly 3 years for the makers of the show to justify every fact and then present it to us. As we know there are very few chances for a second season of the show, but still, an important fact that must be highlighted is that the series was initially pitched as a 6-episode long documentary which was reduced by Netflix into 3 episodes, thus there may be scope for some things to be shown which haven’t been shown yet. Though there are very less chances, if the makers decide to reveal anything more about the show it is not going to be in 2022 as far as the upcoming works of Netflix and the period generally needed to justify facts and present them properly in front of us, thus we will have to wait till early 2023 for any other updates regarding the show.

Murder Among The Mormons Season 1 Release DateMarch 2, 2021
Murder Among The Mormons Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Murder Among The Mormons Season 2 Release Date


Murder Among The Mormons Season 2 Story

The series mainly revolves around the huge crash that the famous American counterfeiter and convicted murderer put into the history of the Mormon church. The entire church was shaken based on the counterfeited artifacts that he presented to the people. The story mainly revolves around how mark went into this profession, his early success which he received out of his counterfeited artifacts, first being the martin haris letter which he counterfeited and revealed a fake theory of joseph smith who was the founder of Mormonism, another big event was the salamander letter which actually did hake the entire church, which replaced an angel to a salamander which literally shook the foundation of a complete religion. Everything was going well for mark Hoffman, however, the money he made wasn’t enough for him and he was continuously in debt, and under many circumstances, he ended up planting two bombs and creating chaos which he expected will give him more time to handle the situation. However soon after a bombing incident that happened to him, the truth regarding the counterfeiting came out and he was taken under arrest.

Murder Among The Mormons Season 2 Trailer

Murder Among The Mormons Season 2 Release Date

As we know there are already very fewer chances for the renewal of the show for a second season and thus we have also haven’t received a trailer for the second season of the show yet. However, the trailer for the first season is available on YouTube and can be checked out to know more about the series.

Where Can We Watch Murder Among The Mormons?

The series is a complete Netflix original and thus it is available only on the Netflix streaming platform.