The Pale Horse Season 2 Release Date Is Still To Be Announced!

The Pale Horse is a mystery drama written by Sarah Phelps. The television series was released on February 9, 2020, and concluded on February 16, 2020. It originally aired on BBC One. This thriller is a miniseries of sorts with only two episodes to its name. It is directed by Leonora Lonsdale and produced by Mammoth Screen in collaboration with Agatha Christie’s productions.

The Pale Horse is kind of based on Agatha Christie’s novel that bears the same name. It also happens to be the fifth adaptation of Agatha Christie’s work Sarah Phelps has done for BBC. The cinematographer for The Pale Horse is Jarin Blaschke and the series was filmed in Bristol.

The Pale Horse Season 2 Release Date

The Pale Horse Season 2 Release Date

Though it has been quite some time since the show premiered, no renewal for a second season of The Pale Horse has been announced by BBC. The chances are looking slim but not zero since the miniseries did well with audiences.

Seasons Release Date
The Pale Horse Season 1 Release Date 9 February 2020
The Pale Horse Season 2 Release Date Not Announced
The Pale Horse Season 2 Release Date


The Pale Horse Season 2 Story

Most of the material for the television series was adapted from the book with a few changes in the script here and there. That being said, it leaves no more sources to draw inspiration from. If the producers were to go on to a second season, they would have to come up with fresh material and construct a completely new and original story that can tag on and continue from season 1.

The Pale Horse Season 1 Recap

The first scene is set in 1960 at a village called Much Deeping, a place of strange rituals and culture. A woman named Delphine Easterbrook consults three witches about her marriage with a man named Mark. The scene then changes to show Delphine dying in the arms of Mark one night. This is sort of a precursor to the story.

Now the story takes place in London and Mark Easterbrook is a successful and wealthy man with a pretty wife ( Hermia, his second wife). Things start to get strange when one day, Make wakes up to find Thomasina Tuckerton, a woman he is having an affair with, dead. He leaves the premises without doing anything.

In another place, a woman named Jessie is giddy and gets frightened as a tuft of her hair falls out. She eventually falls dead out on the street. 

The police then summon Mark, a man named Osborne, and several others regarding the death of Jessie. It seems that a list was found in her mentioning Mark’s name and that of the others who had been called. Some more names on the list included Thomasina Tuckerton and Ardingly. Mark informs inspector Stanley Lejeune that he knows David Ardingly (his godson), but makes no comment on Thomasina.

The Pale Horse Season 2 Release Date

While at Jessie’s house, Mark finds a pamphlet about Much Deeping. A similar pamphlet is found in Delphine’s old things with the name ‘Oscar’ scrawled across it. He then drives to Much Deeping following the lead and returns after learning of an upcoming village fair.

In his car, Mark finds a woven trinket of some sort with a red ribbon on it. Later, Osborne approaches Mark as he too found a similar item outside his shop. Furthermore, two more people from the list have turned up dead causing Osborne to think the Much Deeping witches have something to do with it, but Mark doesn’t seem to agree.

Mark makes his way to the village fair along with Hermia. The fair has a very strange parade with people walking around in occult masks. Mark then tries to ask the witches about Jessie but they say nothing.

In the meantime, Thomasina is found dead and at her funeral, the three witches make an appearance. At about the same time, David Ardingly’s aunt dies as well.

Mark once again returns to Much Deeping and finally meets Oscar, who happens to be an old man. He informs Mark that Delphine had met with the witches to enquire about their marriage. Mark then proceeds to spy on the witches’ house. While there, the three witches simultaneously turn towards Mark’s direction in an odd manner. Uneasy with the situation, he runs back to his car. While seated, he runs his hands through his head, and to his surprise, a tuft of hair falls off.

This ending sort of leaves the mystery open for interpretation but points a finger in the direction of the witches since the loss of a tuft of hair prior to death is a recurring event.

The Pale Horse Season 2 Cast

The Pale Horse Season 2 Release Date

The cast comprises Rufus Sewell as Mark Easterbrook, Kaya Scodelario as Hermia Easterbrook, Georgina Campbell as Delphine Easterbrook, Poppy Gilbert as Thomasina Tuckerton, Sean Pertwee as inspector Stanley Lejeune, and Bertie Carvel as Zachariah Osborne.

Where To Watch The Pale Horse?

Season 1 of The Pale Horse is available to watch on Prime Video, though availability may vary by country.