When Are We Getting Queen Sono Season 2 Release Date?

Queen Sono is a Netflix original drama series belonging to the thriller genre. it is also Netflix’s first African original. The show is created by Kagiso lediga and has also received a 6.0 IMDb score which is quite considerable and has received almost all positive remarks from the critics. the show is mainly based on the professional and the private life problems of a secret agent named queen sono. She has her own way of doing things and taking excessive risks but in the end, she accomplishes the mission goals.

The show is packed with thriller and action along with an intense psychological perspective of a secret agent’s life. The show has also got a huge fanbase, who have been anticipating the release of the second season of the show. Unfortunately, the show was renewed for a second season at first but soon got canceled by the Netflix platform based on the struggles they were facing regarding production. But still, as the covid pandemic situation moves towards a more stable stage now, another season of the show may be quite possible.

Queen Sono Season 2 Release Date

 The first season of the show was announced in January 2020 and released on the 28th of February 2020. The first season of the show had a total of 7 episodes and after the conclusion of season 1, the show was renewed for a second season on the 28th of April 2020. Soon the makers received continuous blows because of the corvid 19 pandemic situations and the show finally got canceled in November 2020. Since then, there have been many rumors regarding the renewal of the show but no confirmations have been received.

Based on our sources, due to the betterment in the pandemic conditions, the production of season 2 of the show may start again in 2022 and there is a great chance that season 2 of the show will release in early or middle of 2023. Season 2 of the show is also predicted to have a total of about 7-8 episodes and each episode will have an approximate runtime of 45 minutes, just like the previous season of the show.

Queen Sono Season 1 Release DateFebruary 28, 2020
Queen Sono Season 1 End DateFebruary 28, 2020
Queen Sono Season 2 Release DateCanceled


Queen Sono Season 1 Recap

 The first season of the show has a total of 7 episodes. The show is mainly based on the life of a secret agent named queen sono and the show has its basic setting in Africa. The first episode of the show begins with queen sono on a mission to gather some information from a private arms company but her first way of retrieving information by hacking goes to waste due to a technological barrier and then the queen had to resort to manually going there and retrieve all the information which ends up being big chaos. Then we see her at the therapist’s place where we do get to know about a lot of the psychological problems that she is continuously dealing with.

And the episode ends with sono meeting up with her mother’s assassin who is being let out of prison and a grave truth comes in front of sono. the story continues with the introduction of a terrorist organization that plans to liberate the entire country and the leader of the organization ends up being sono’s ex from SOG only. The story walks on the road where past incidents regarding her first stages in the life of a secret agent come up along with a new mission which is against an entire chain of the Russian crime family. The story has epic restaurant fight scenes in the fourth episode of the show which is iconic though sono has to retreat due to the overwhelming power of the enemy. The ending of the first season is where the queen and her teammates get into action to stop a huge attack from the Russian forces along with an upcoming danger to mazet, Queen’s paternal grandmother.

Queen Sono Season 2 Story

The second season of the series is mainly supposed to continue with what happens to mazet after season 1 we have received along with the new challenges that she will be facing against the Russian forces and much more drama from the terrorist organization headed by her ex.

Queen Sono Season 2 Trailer

Queen Sono Season 2 Release Date

As we already know the shoe has been canceled and we haven’t received any information regarding any change of plans, thus we have also have received a trailer for season 2 yet. The first season of the show is currently available on Netflix and the trailer for season 1 is available on YouTube.