Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 3 Release Date Announced!

Twenty-Five Twenty-One is a K-drama romance series. It is a story about two different people in the 90’s. The protagonist of the story is Hee-Do and Yi-Jin. Hee-Do was a member of the fencing team in her high school. She faces a financial crisis due to which she has to change schools. Yin-Jin’s father goes bankrupt due to which he has to earn his living. He always had the facilities but now his life has changed. These circumstances in their own life will bring them closer and they will find solace in each other. This story will be amazing to watch to see what happens next.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 3 Release Date

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 3 Release Date

The release date of episode 3 has been announced. Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 3 will be released on 19th February at 3 pm. The k-drama is available on Netflix. The English subtitles are also available. Episode 3 is expected to have a run time of around 1 hour and 14 minutes. There will be 13 episodes more as predicted. The release date announcement has increased the eagerness to watch the next episode. The story is wonderful. The struggles in both lives have connected people more with the characters.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 1 Release DateFebruary 12, 2022
Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 2 Release DateFebruary 13, 2022
Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 3 Release DateFebruary 19, 2022


Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 3 Story

The K-drama is expected to show the development of the protagonist respective to their past moments. The IMF crisis and how it leads to the tie-up with Min-Chae and present. There will be love growing more between the protagonist Yi-Jin and Hee-Do which will make them understand the worth of their relationship. Hee-do is by all accounts some solace to the discouraged Yi-jin, and the anecdote about the public broadcast he used to have is shared. Hee-do takes him to her old-fashioned grounds, flipping around a fixture and allowing the water to shower upwards. Be that as it may, it’s insufficient for Yi-jin, who flips the whole line and allows the water to splash decidedly high up.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 3 Recap

Yin-Ji’s history is shown in episode 2. There are family debts and his guilt about everything. He struggles to get a job on his own and for his living. Things are not easy in his life as it was before. Hee-do gets to meet Yu-Rim for the first time. Hee-Do wins the match. There will be a rivalry between Yu-rim and Hee-Do. Set during the 1990s, the series follows two people whose fantasies are broken after the monetary emergency in 1997. Kim Tae-Ri assumes the part of Na Hee-do, a youth who desires to observe her direction into the public fencing crew. Then again, Nam Joo-hyuk plays Baek Yi-jin, an adolescent who is compelled to carry on with a less fortunate life after his dad fails. He ultimately turns into a games journalist. The on-screen couple initially meets when she is 18 and he is 22. They then, at that point, experience passionate feelings for when they turn 21 and 25 individually.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 3 Cast

There is a wonderful cast in this drama. Kim Tae-Ri plays the role of Na Hee-do and Kim So-Hyun plays the role of adult Na Hee-do. Nam Joo-hyuk is playing the role of Baek Y-jin who is the eldest son of the chaebol family that was destroyed by the IMF crisis. Kim Ji-Yeon plays the role of Go Yoo-rim who is the greatest rival. Go Yoo-rim is South Korea’s youngest fencing gold medalist. Choi Hyun-Wook plays the role of Moon Ji-Woong who is a former internet star. Lee Joo-Myung plays the role of Ji Seung-wan who is the class leader, a modern-day Joan of Arc.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Trailer

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 3 Release Date Announced!

The trailer has been launched and it is exciting to see how the story will move on. It’s a cheerful, energizing snapshot of opportunity for both, and as they flee from the scene when a superintendent contacts them, that bliss goes to friendship. “From now into the foreseeable future, when you spend time with me, you can be cheerful and stay quiet about it,” Hee-do states, a solicitation which sends a recognizably contacting echo through Yi-jin, who grins accordingly. The story will go on and the protagonist will handle each other and face life together. The journey will be seen with the development of potential relationships between them.