Is Tall Girl Worth Watching? Read To Know!

Tall girl is an American film belonging to the rom-com genre. there has been a prequel to the first tall girl movie and is also a Netflix exclusive. The movie did get a 5.2 IMDb rating which is not very appreciable but there haven’t been any negative remarks on part of the critics till now, the movie also has got quite a huge fanbase in contradiction to the ratings. The show revolves around the story of a tall girl (6 feet 1 and a half inches) who has got a very chaotic life in her high school. The feeling of being the odd one out always leads to her lack of confidence and being a mess in terms of her love life.

Now the question arises, whether the movie is worth a watch for all? Though the movie hasn’t received a great rating from the critics, it has got a huge audience and was recently renewed for a prequel which proves that the show must have had a huge fanbase which indicated the liking of people towards the movie. Thus, the movie can be concluded as watch-worthy for all and the only thing that is guaranteed in the movie for all is a lot of humor accompanied by a ton of drama.

Tall Girl Release Date

Is Tall Girl Worth Watching

The first movie of the tall girl was released on the Netflix platform on the 13th of September,2019 and after a break, for nearly 2 years the show has been renewed by the makers for a prequel which came out on the 11th of February 2022. both the movies haven’t received great ratings for sure but have got quite a remarkable fanbase.

Each movie has a run time of nearly 1 hour 40 minutes. We haven’t received any confirmation regarding season 3 for the movie and thus we can assume the story to end with tall girl 2. Tall girl season 2 trailer was already out in January 2021 along with the rumors for it which became publicized in 2019 only.


Tall Girl Story

Tall girl 1 story mainly revolves around the story of the tallest girl in a high school named joey and her entire lack of confidence that was built due to the feeling of not being normal or like others, she slowly grew apart from the entire high school and has only two friends, Fareeda and jack. We also see her supportive little sister harper who is a multiple pageant winner.

Jodi had accepted that her love life was ruined because of her height but soon came in an exchange student named stig whom Jodi ends up falling but isn’t able to open up to him as he is already marked by her high school bully Kenny, they end up being in a relationship whereas we also find about jack having feelings for Jodi but ends up being just a friend because of stig and his own height at the same time. Soon much drama takes place and with much motivation from harper, we find that Jodi ends up bonding with stig and they end up kissing too. The main drama takes place at the homecoming dance where we see the homecoming king and queen being Kenny and stig but they also end up breaking up the movie end with Jodi regaining all her confidence and her magnificent speech and her kiss with Jack.

Tall girl season 2 is built on the same storyline where we find Jodi is now the most famous girl in the entire school and is also in a relationship with jack, Jodi soon gets the lead in a musical, and with that comes a twist into her love life and growing tension between her and her costar who goes to the same school, jack gets jealous along with Jodi’s insecurities coming back. Harper plays a big role in this movie and pushes Jodi against her insecurities and the show comes to an end with a happy ending with a lot of drama and laughs from Jodi’s family.

Tall Girl Trailer

Is Tall Girl Worth Watching

The first season of the movie is available on Netflix along with its trailer which is available on YouTube and the same goes for tall girl 2. The 2 movies are surely worth a watch and will not disappoint the viewers at all.