12 Movies Similar To After We Fell That You Must Watch!

“After we fell” is one of the most loved and one of the most popular movies that had been released recently on Netflix, we are sure that most of you reading this must have watched the movie already and it is already on the list of your favorite movie list by now. If you are a fan of this genre of movies, we have got you covered, in this article, we have brought you a number of movies that are similar to After we fell, so, if you are a fan, you shall stay put with this article, After we fell is a basically a movie which is based on a romantic drama, it is made under the direction of Castille Landon, “After we fell” is a basically a story based on a really fiery and intense love affair.

The show has been taken up from a novel of a similar name which is written by Anna Todd apparently. The film has characters as Tessa and Hardin respectively. The story is being weaved on two sides of the Atlantic.

Theories start off on the note of Tessa returning back after leaving back her estranged father, but as the show proceeds, in just a little time the sinful truths of the family of Hardin also start to unveil.

So, if you have loved this movie, we have some more suggestions so you enjoy the same vibe, for a longer time though, so the first on the list is:

After We Collided

Movies Similar To After We Fell

So as obvious After the fans have watched After we fell, so it’s a must-watch for the ones who have loved After we fell already, watching a sequel is  a must then. The movie starts off with Tessa’s interview for an internship at Vance Publishing, she wants the internship so that she could finish up and leave her school.

But before Tessa starts off her journey, she is handed a letter which was Hardin but it was given to her by Professor, Soto, the letter had a confession of love by Hardin. Soon after when she reads the letter in no time she is off to pay a visit to her special place, which is indeed a deck, that is the place where she meets Hardin. The main mysterious conclusion of the film is of they end up together or not, well for that you should go and watch the movie.

Alex Strange Love

Movies Similar To After We Fell

Alex strange love is another great choice for you if you have like After we fell and its other parts, this movie was released in the year around 2018. The movie is basically a rom-com. The film is based on a character named Aled True love who is played by Daniel Doheny, he is shown in the character of a high school who faces a struggle of identifying his own sexuality. The movie is basically based on giving and spreading a message of a really clear and great message. The movie got high ratings and great reviews from famous websites like Rotten Tomatoes.


Crazy, Stupid Love

Although crazy, stupid love isn’t anything like the story of After we fell that is more of a coming of age kind of plot-based movie.Not for all of them obviously but at least for the main characters. But still, this movie will surely take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It also falls in the category of Rom-Com.

It also has various great stars like Steve Carell in the role of Cal Weaver, he is shown in the character of a man who all of a sudden finds himself in a life where he singles it all happens when his wife asks him for a divorce. He is someone who doesn’t ever leave his comfort zone, he is someone who doesn’t like an adventure. The story revolves around him finding his own soul along with Ryan Gosling who is playing the role of Jacob Palmer, who is indeed a womanizer in disguise as a gentleman.

Cruel Intentions

Movies Similar To After We Fell

This movie is another one which is very similar to After we Fell, it’s a must-watch for the admirers of After we Fell and its other parts. The movie has indeed a great and unique plot it’s focused on intentions that are cruel that are intact a dare. It is basically the entire plot of the story, but indeed the moment of truth and dare is not told to the audience, even until the end of the movie. This is a very specific and noticeable similarity between the two movies.

Everything, Everything

Movies Similar To After We Fell

This movie is also a great must watch for the fans of After we fell, Everything, Everything’s plot is based on a book of the same name which is written by Nicola Yoon, the book was released in the year 2015, the story has Maddy Whittier who is indeed a woman who is young and she is also suffering from a disease which serious and she is forced to stay at home because of that. And then her neighbor lets her enjoy her, and they both fall in love eventually.


How To Be Single

Hollywood indeed will never stop making stories about adolescent people who come. searching for love in the city of New York. The movies of this sort a great in numbers like Sex and the city, Friends with benefits, and Numerous others. It seems that the audience is really interested in craving of living through the finest streets of Manhattan. And we assure you that How to be single won’t ever disappoint you in that niche.

Love, Simon

Movies Similar To After We Fell

This great movie is also a must-watch for the fans of After we fell, and it’s a custom that if there’s any time when a movie is based on a T.V show it’s a real must-watch then, it’s a must rule. And in this case, this has to be followed if you are someone who liked After. The love, Simon is a must-watch.aThe show stars Nick Robinson he also starred in Everything, Everything, and other stars include Josh Duhamel, and also we have Jennifer Garner. And just for brownie points we also gave Katherine Langford in the movie.

The Last Summer

Released in 2019, the movie won’t disappoint you at all. As for years now, there is something really special about young couples with the events of high school, and also the time of that which is about to end. And Also the thrill of entering into a new life. There is a force that leads the students who enter the college to do whatever they what to, and the movie is based on this feeling only.

The Notebook

Movies Similar To After We Fell

The movie itself needs no introduction, it’s one of the most successful romance stories ever in the history of romantic films. The kissing scene of the movie has grabber years of being cherished. Although the plot of the movie is a bit typical, it puts two characters with extremely opposite personalities together. They eventually fall in love though they are so different from each other.


The Spectacular Now

Movies Similar To After We Fell

This movie is also really similar to the movie After, it also follows two people who are really different from each other and who have a really chaotic relationship when the movie starts off when they cross paths with each other in a situation that is really abrupt. Aimee is someone who is really innocent and also she is a really quiet girl, and on the other hand, Sutter lives her life as if it’s a party. They are really different but they eventually fall in love.

We Are Your Friends

Movies Similar To After We Fell

Now the next movie that we will talk about is not very much like After, although on some points it does fall on the same track, as on the narrative troops. The plot is typical, there is a boy who has great dreams, and eventually, he falls in love with someone for whom he shouldn’t fall but he does. And like all the other movies the movie has an atypical really attractive cast which included Emily Ratajkowski, Zac Efron, and Wes Brently respectively.

When We First Met

Finishing off with a great one now, when we first met, it definitely falls in the genre of the must-watch, the movie stars Adam Devine, Shelley Henning, Andrew Bachelor, and Alexandra Daddario respectively.

Noah Ashby which is a character played by Devine is someone who indeed spends one night with a girl whom he has always dreamt off who is Avery Marin, her role is played by Daddario they spend the night in order to become only friends. But in spite of AL this Noah gets an opportunity to write the history of love. And then eventually he travels back in time and makes an effort to change the past.