Scams Season 2 Release Date Is Yet To Arrive!

Asian shows are getting really popular among the international audience. Squid Game and A Business Proposal are some examples. 

In addition to several other acquisitions, Netflix has been steadily expanding its range of Asian shows and films. The company has titles from Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia, several other countries.

Recently Netflix has added a new television show named “Scams”. It is a Japanese crime thriller drama show created and directed by Kobayashi Yuki and written by Daisuke Suzuki and Jun Tsugita. As of November 6, 2019, Netflix made the subtitled version of the series available to over 190 countries through its global distribution platform. The show originally aired on June 30, 2019, on MBS and on July 2, 2019, on TBS. This show has only one season for now and has 9 episodes in it. The first season of the series was overwhelmingly received by the audience.

Scams Season 2 Release Date

Scams Season 2 Release Date

After the release of season one, fans are expecting season 2 of the show. Season 1 was very well receipted by the fans as well as the critics. On IMDb, the show got a rating of over 7 which means it is a good show. So, even after having such an amazing performance from the first season, why are the creators of the show taking so long to make another season, or is the second season happening?

Well, MBS and Netflix have yet to make an official announcement regarding season 2, but considering how popular the show is, we wouldn’t be surprised if it gets another season. But as it has already been almost 2 years, the chance of renewal is less, but anything can happen, it all depends on producers and the creators of the show. However, since the show was released on Netflix with subtitles of various countries and languages the demand for the show increasing insanely. Maybe this love might force the creator to make at least one another season on the public demand.

If they decide to make another show, it will take some time, our best guess is that the show might release somewhere around late 2023 or early 2024. That’s the closest time in which they can release season 2.

Well, that is all the news we have got till now, but if we get any other information related to the show’s season 2 in the future, we will make sure to update the page with the latest information.

Scams Season 1 Release DateJune 30, 2019
Scams Season 1 End DateAugust 26, 2019
Scams Season 2 Release DateBy 2023 or 2024

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Scams Season 2 Story

As it is based on Daisuke Suzuki’s nonfiction novel “Rojin Kui”, ‘Scams’, begins with an introduction to Seijitsu Kusano, who has just graduated from an elite university and landed a job in a prestigious company. His life seems perfect. He is then fired from his job when the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy results in the company’s bankruptcy just six months after he joined it.

In a desperate state, our protagonist notices a job that offers a hefty paycheck when his father needs costly medical treatment that isn’t covered by his insurance. He is also under incredible, constant pressure to pay off his student loan. There is no way out for Kusano, though he observes a job that offers a hefty paycheck. However, the job involves a criminal task – Kusano is required to steal money from the elderly by using voice phishing. The surprising thing is that even though Kusano is a good guy, he does not feel any guilt at all when he robs them of their hard-earned money.

It is about young people with promising futures and fancy university degrees, who land their dream jobs and then lose everything to blood-sucking financial giants that go bankrupt, leaving employees on street. Rojin Kui, the creators of Scams, is a nonfiction book that dramatizes the story of young men who are forced into scams during the aftermath of the recent recession that left many employees jobless and unable to find work.

How would a man cope with such a situation? What would you do if you had bills to pay? Would you take up an occupation that is illegitimate and involves unsavory activities?

Scams Season 2 Cast

Scams Season 2 Release Date

Yosuke Sugino as Seijitsu Kusano, Tomoya Maeno as Soichi Seimiya, Maika Yamamoto as Misaki Azuma, Junki Tozuka as Shotaro Tanaka, Shodal Fukuyama as Tatsuya Kurusu, Long Mizuma as Tetti Otani, Asuka Hanamura as Taku Goriki and Naomi Nishida as Sachiko Kusano.

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