Shtisel Season 4 Release Date And Related Updates!

Shtisel is a Hebrew language Israeli television show, which describes the life of a “Hardi” (Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Family), which lives at Geula, Jerusalem. Shulem Shtisel, the Shtisel patriarch and local rabbi, as well as the other families in the family as featured in the series. The show takes place in a Haredi, internet-free neighborhood. Family members frequently break the rules, which causes chaos within the household. In contrast to their neighbor in Mea She’arim, the adjacent community known for its religious fundamentalism, the characters who prefer a secular lifestyle reflect Geula’s modesty.

This television show is created and written by Ori Elon and Yehonatan Indursky and directed by Alon Zingman. The series was aired on local Israeli TV channel ‘Yes Oh’, on June 29, 2013. Later Netflix bought the streaming rights of this series and aired on their platform in 2018. As of now the show have a total of 3 seasons with 33 total episodes, the first and second season have 12 episodes per season and the third season have 9 episodes in total. Each episode is 40 to 45 minutes long.

Shtisel Season 4 Release Date

Shtisel Season 4 Release Date

Shtisel was popular among Hebrew speaking community but since Netflix released the show in different languages and subtitles, the show gained immersed popularity. It was announced in May 2019 that the series will return for a third season, but filming was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A trailer released 3 takes place seven years after the death of Akiva’s mother (six years later the event of the first episodes). The third season was released on December 20, 2020, and became available for Netflix on March 25, 2021.

So, what about season 4? Well, for season 4 there is no official announcement, however, the fanbase of the show is so huge, and the series is so successful, we don’t find any reason to cancel the show. Moreover, Netflix, after acquiring all streaming rights, it is possible that we might see season 4 on this platform, even dubbed. After a screening of Shtisel Season 3 that took place in December, series co-creator Ori Elon stated that the Shtisel Family would live forever.

So, by this, we can expect not just season 4, but season 5 or maybe season 6. All we have to do is just wait and see what will happen next. That is all the information we have got till now, but if we get any other news related to the show’s future, we will update the page with the latest information.

Shtisel Season 1 Release DateJune 29, 2013
Shtisel Season 2 Release DateOctober 31, 2015
Shtisel Season 3 Release DateDecember 20, 2020
Shtisel Season 4 Release DateNot Confirmed

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Shtisel Season 1 Recap

Haredi man Akiva Shtisel, 26, is single and lives with his widower father Shulem. Akiva begins teaching at a cheder and falls in love with Elisheva Rotstein, a widower herself, who was once in Akiva’s class. To the dismay of his father, Akiva asks the matchmaker Konigsberg to set up a meeting between Elisheva and Akiva. The two meet once and Elisheva refuses to continue. Shulem convinces Akiva to meet Esti Gottlieb. On their second meeting, Akiva, still in love with Elisheva, says he is not yet ready for marriage, and Esti begins to cry. With a guilty face, Akiva proposed marriage to Esti, soon they got engaged.

Shtisel Season 4 Release Date

A kosher butcher’s wife leaves her husband in Argentina for six months with a Gentile woman. Lippe’s boss says that Lippe ran away with a Gentile woman, causing Giti to disgrace herself and look for work. She becomes a babysitter for a secular woman and then exchanges money with the women at home. While still loving him, Giti tells her eldest daughter Ruchami about the hardships Lippe has put them through, and Ruchami becomes resentful. Later, feeling guilty, Lippe decides to return home, and struggles to find forgiveness from Ruchami. Giti refuses to discuss the past, but her anger is evident in other ways.

Aliza, a divorced Haredi who is the secretary at Shulem’s cheder, is Shulem’s longtime girlfriend who cooks for him at the cheder and home. Shulem’s refusal to clarify his intentions with her motivates him to look elsewhere, prompting him to do some matchmaking of his own.

His maternal uncle, Sucher, who has remained single all his life after canceling a match, tells him to ask Elisheva if she loves him. Akiva still harbors doubts bout his engagement, so he consults his maternal uncle.

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