Is Banshee Season 5 Release Date Finally On The Floors?

Banshee is yet another successful American drama television series. Banshee was originally released on a premium cable and networking channel of American that is Cinemax which is also a subsidiary of Warner Bros. The series aired its very first episode with the first season on 11th January 2013. Banshee is based out on the storyline of the chase and hunting of the main character. The Creator Jonathan Tropper & David Schickler scripted the story very wonderfully and they also conveyed the message of honor with their writings in the same.

Banshee Season 5 Release Date

Banshee Season 5 Release Date

Banshee originally released 4 seasons considering 10 episodes in each season and ended with 8 episodes in the last season. Fans were eagerly waiting to see the next season of the series and they have been continuously asking for season 5. But since the creators declared that season 4 will be the last and aired the series beautifully well and ended the story thereafter breaking the hearts of many Banshee will never going to have another season for the series. Banshee aired its last episode of the last season on 20th May 2016. 

Banshee Season 1 Release DateJanuary 11, 2013
Banshee Season 2 Release DateJanuary 10, 2014
Banshee Season 3 Release DateJanuary 9, 2015
Banshee Season 4 Release DateApril 1, 2016
Banshee Season 5 Release DateCanceled

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Banshee Season 4 Recap

Banshee is based out in the small town of Pennsylvania where the set for the series was shot. The story illustrates the story of an ex-con named Lucas Hood who stole the diamond worth $ 15 million for his employer for which he got himself into the prison and he was into prison. But he somehow managed to hide the diamond from his lover. Once he got out of the prison he went back to his town where he tried to regain his relationship with his former Lover.

His employer who is named Rabbit in the series tries to snatch Hood to get his Diamond, he followed Hood wherever he goes to earn back his diamond but Hood had already hidden the diamond with his Lover Anastasiya. So, the story revolved around catching and crime associated with the same.

Banshee Season 5 Cast

Banshee Season 5 Release Date

Lucas Hood is played by Antony Starr who is also known as Gary. Antony was born on 25th October 1975. Antony was born and bought up in New Zealand. Antony started his career early in the 1990s from small parts in the series like Shortland Street but Antony received his fame and potential fans after his acting in the famous Web series for Amazon Prime which is Th Boys which is based on the comic. Antony never failed his treat his fans with his brilliant acting for the same he receives numerous awards some of them are Critics Super Choice Awards for Best Villian and the Superhero for The Boys Only. 

Anastasiya who played the role of the lover of Hood in the series has been portrayed by Ivana Milicevic. Ivana was born on 26th April 1976 in Yugoslavia which is a part of social Southeast Central Egypt. Ivana is a Croatian –American Actress and model. She is best known for her role in this series only whereas she started her career early in 1998 in the thriller movie Enemy of the State. She also played her role in The CW Science and fiction series which was from 2018-to 2020 and named the 100. The 100 had 7 seasons which is also available on Netflix

Banshee Awards and Ratings 

Banshee is Cinemax’s huge success part from the viewers as it breaks all the records of their self-viewers whereas the series receives viewers from all around the globe. The Cinemax recorded the highest viewers for the 6.55 lakhs for the initial screening of the series which is the highest for Cinemax to receive applause from the audience and after the 3 more seasons the series received huge applause from the audience and maintained a good set of series and season Banshee received 8.4 stars out of 10 stars in the official website of IMDB against 96K votes. The series is a mixture of good as well as negative reviews and yet fans waited for long enough to get the final and sequel for the series but the creators have also not given any statement for the same as the series ended very well in the Finale Episode.

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