A Certain Scientific Accelerator Season 2 Release Date Is Finally Here!

A Certain Scientific Accelerator is yet another extended part of the Manga series which has been written by Kazuma Kamachi. The series is a made-up story from books, games, and videos which was based upon the novel series named A Certain Magical Index. The series was originally telecasted on 12th July 2019 and the series had in total had 12 episodes which are also known as Volumes in the anime series. The series received complied response from the viewers as it’s an Anime series 90 % of the viewers praised the storyline and yet Proved that all Anime series can make a huge impact on the fans.

A Certain Scientific Accelerator Season 2 Release Date

A Certain Scientific Accelerator Season 2 Release Date

With the huge success of another Manga series which originally started in a monthly magazine named ASCII Media Works from the year 2013 to December 2020. An Anime Series Adapted this manga series spun it off and aired it with their name. And the series has been illustrated by Arata Yamaji. Since the series aired its final episode on 27th September 2019. Fans have been eagerly waiting for another Sequel and waiting for the 2nd season. Since there’s no confirmation from the creator but have announced that they are ready with the resources and sooner they will give the confirmation regarding the dates of the release and further information.

A Certain Scientific Accelerator Season 1 Release DateJul 12, 2019
A Certain Scientific Accelerator Season 1 Last episode dateSeptember 27, 2019
A Certain Scientific Accelerator Season 2 release dateno official confirmation

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A Certain Scientific Accelerator Season 1 Recap

The series was adapted by J.C. Staff in the anime series but was already gaining fans from Publishing in monthly Magazine. The story is based on the main character which is Accelerator. He is one of the most powerful Esper in the Academy city. He ranked at the top of the seven-level 5s in the city. After protecting his last order costing his complete power, he found himself dragged into another conflict. The story revolved around the conflict & rebels caused due to his extraordinary skills and power.

A Certain Scientific Accelerator Season 2 Characters

The main character of the story which is the accelerator has been voice-covered by none other than Nobuhiko Okamoto. She was born on 24th October 1986 in Tokyo, Japan. Apart from voice-over, acting Okamoto is very famous for his singing as he is affiliated with Pro-fit. Moreover, he is also fond of sports like badminton. And he is also a professional Shogi (which is known as the Japanese version of chess) and has a 3rd level certificate in Shogi. Okamoto managed to earn several awards for his voice-over acting like the best new actor award at the 3rd Seiyu Awards.

Kazuma Kamachi is a well-known writer who created more than 100 light novels. He earned his fame after creating A Certain Magical Index which sold almost 3o million copies (as of 2019) and has also been licensed by Yen Press in North America. Kamachi wanted to become a writer from his early childhood he started writing from his school but was unable to achieve anything but once he completed his graduation, he was knocked out from the 3rd round Dengeki Game Novel Prize. But his work got appreciated so he received his first project with one of the judges and he earned his main fame after making the A Certain Magical Index.

A Certain Scientific Accelerator Ratings & Reviews

A Certain Scientific Accelerator Season 2 Release Date

The series is also available on Netflix with its original Language I.e., Japanese and the users gave the series a very good review the series manage to receive 7.2 stars out of 10 stars on the official website of IMDB with only 378 voters on the IMDB whereas we all are aware the most of the fans refers to myanimelist for the all the Anime reviews and the Critics. So, on MYANIMELIST the series managed to receive a 7.19 score against 75k users who ranked the as the best for the anime and manga series. Yet there’s a long way to go for another season of the series as the wait is increasing fans are getting disappointed from the creators and asking for the second season as the Accelerator won the heart of many just by proving to be himself in the series. Yet the Manga series never fails to disappoint their fans and they came back stronger with something best.

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