Ordinary Joe Season 2 Release Date Seems Unlikely To Arrive!

Ordinary Joe is an American television drama series which was premiered on NBC on September 20, 2021. This series is produced by two big production houses combined first is 20th Television and the other is Universal Television studios. This series is based on a book by Caleb Ranson “The Format”. And this book is adapted to television by Matt Reeves along with the show’s developers Russel Friend and Garrett Lerner.

Adam Davidson, Howard Klein, Matt Reeves, Rafi Crohn, Adam Kassan, Russel Friend, Garrett Lerner, and Chris Koch are the executive producers of the television series. Producers of the series are Jason Roberts, Jessica Badenoch, and Brandon Lambdin.

As of now this show have only one season with 11 episodes in it. Each episode of this show is 40-45 minutes long and distributed by NBC and Disney’s ABC.

This show’s story centered around Joe Kimbreau after he graduates from Syracuse University and makes a life-changing decision. The series follows him in three parallel timelines, starting ten years after his graduation: first as a police inspector and then following in his father’s footsteps; later then as the music star following his dreams; and family as a nurse marrying his college sweetheart.

Ordinary Joe Season 2 Release Date

Ordinary Joe Season 2 Release Date

As the show premiered on September 10, 2021, it’s already been months since the show’s finale premiered. But no one has confirmed the show’s future. Because of this people are assuming that the show is canceled but there is no confirmation on that. The show’s creator has plans for season 2 but it will only be happing if the production house of this series, 20th Television, and Universal television studios confirm their presence in the second season.

But it is unlikely that they might come back and it is because of the show’s reduced viewership. In recent times, the show viewership going down bit by bit. The first episode gains 3.85 million US citizens’ viewership and it goes straight down to 2.69 million for the second episode and 2.63 million for the third episode. Because of the show’s long runtime and the extra unnecessary long story makes the audience loses interest. In the last 2 episodes, the viewership goes straight down to one million. 10th episodes views are 1.41 million US citizen viewership and the 11th episode is 1.45 million.

This might be the major reason for the show is not coming back, however, if we receive any further updates, we will update the page.

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Ordinary Joe Season 1 Recap

Joe Kimbreau graduates from Syracuse University and is torn between three possible options of how to celebrate. He can go to dinner with his family, which could lead to him becoming a police officer; go to the beach with his girlfriend Jenny, which could lead to the two getting married and Joe becoming a successful musician; or ask out an attractive fellow graduate named Amy. After ten years, the story splits into three different timelines based on the choices he makes.

Jenny, a paralegal, filed for divorce from Joe, but he intends to change her mind during the forty days he has to respond; Joe treats Congressman Bobby Diaz, who was shot at a rally; Jenny and Joe’s marriage suffers from both of them prioritizing work to provide for their wheelchair-using son Christopher; Eric and Amy are happily married; and Amy files for divorce. Joe and Jenny dance at the reunion which happened after 10 years.

Musician Joe’s marriage with Amy has been strained after multiple miscarriages. When Diaz is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, his campaign manager endorses Amy to replace him as the ballot, which upsets Joe, who wanted to be the father. Amy later refused to go to the reunion, so Joe had to go alone. Jenny, who is now a law partner, tells Joe that Jenny was pregnant with a child of him when they were graduating and has given him up for adoption. After hearing all this Joe vows to find his son.

Ordinary Joe Season 2 Cast

Ordinary Joe Season 2 Release Date

The show stars James Wolk as Joe Kimbreau, Natalie Martinez as Amy Kindelan, Elizabeth Lail as Jenny Banks, Charlie Barnett as Eric Payne, David Warshofsky as Frank Kimbreau, Anne Ramsay as Gwen Kimbreau, Adam Rodriguez as Bobby Diaz, John Gluck as Christopher, and Joe Carroll as Ray.

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