Are We Getting Station 11 Season 2 Release Date Soon!

The television miniseries based on the post-apocalyptic scenes of the world has been a great hit among the fans. With the current pandemic situations going on, the series is quite relatable to the present situation. It has already got a 7.3 IMDb rating out of 10 which is comparatively great for a miniseries. Season 1 of the series started premiering in 2021 and we have already seen the end of the season. The series is based on a book that shares the same title and is written by Emily St John Mandel. Though the series has adapted many changes the main story remains the same.

The story of a group of traveling performers and their adaption to the new world after the flu brought over a near end to humanity. Now comes the big question about the series renewal for the second season and the dates related to the second season? Though it’s a mini-series and we have almost covered all the events of the book, there are already changes adapted in the series from the real novel and thus more twists can be brought by the makers and looking after its response from the audience the makers may end up making another season.

Station 11 Season 2 Release Date

Station 11 Season 2 Release Date

Though there is no confirmation about the renewal of the series, and there are very less chances, there is always a chance for the makers to change their minds. If the makers change their minds and embark on a journey to gift us with a new season it’s going to need about 9-10 months. So, by the end of 2022 or mid of 2023, we can expect the renewal for the show to occur. The new season will obviously be a miniseries just like the previous season and will have a new story covered in 9-10 episodes.

The first season of the series made its debut on the 16th of December 2021 and gave us the season finale on 13 of January 2022. We also expect the new season episodes to have a total runtime of about 45 minutes. Any news on the renewal of the series will surely be updated here, till then we just have to wait and watch the previous season on repeat.

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Station 11 Season 1 Recap

The series has many time skips through its story, the starting of the series is in a theatre and with our main protagonist Jeevan in the scene unable to save a dying actor, the theatre also marks the meeting of the two main protagonists of the series, Jeevan and Kristen. Then we see the setting of flu into the timeline and how Jeevan gets to know about it earlier and decides to take Kristen with her due to her parent’s absence and the growing risk outside.

Then we have a time skip of 80 days after the apocalypse where Kristen and Jeevan are safe and get out of the house on the snow-covered roads, and that is followed by a 20-year time skip where we see Kristen all grown up and being a part of the traveling symphony performers group. The editing makes it difficult to adapt between the time skips, but the story slowly unravels the mystery of the prophet’s word and slowly towards the middle episodes knit the story of Arthur and Miranda which marks the coming future of the story is no better.

In the following episode, we see Kristen’s affected by her past trauma and the dirty truth behind the story of the prophet. We also see how Kristen unravels more truths about the history and the past time goes back to the apartment where Jeevan and she stayed during the flu to save themselves. We also see the traveling symphony getting trapped in the Severn city and how Kristen plans to save them marks the ending of the first season.

Station 11 Season 2 Story

 The new season will begin with the traveling symphony rescue and aftermath of Kristen’s mission, Miranda may also play a role and we will also get to see a new angle of her new life that she chose. The plot already has many twists and turns and more can be expected from the writers in the coming season.

Station 11 Season 2 Trailer

Station 11 Season 2 Release Date

 The miniseries hasn’t announced its renewal and thus we haven’t received a trailer for season 2 yet. If you still haven’t watched the series is available on the Stan platform. You can also catch up on the trailer of the first season available on YouTube.

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