All About Word Of Honor Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Story!

Chinese television series Word of Honor which was titled A Tale of the Wanderers was released on 22 May 2021 and aired till 5 May 2021 on Youku Network. It had comprised 36 episodes with a time duration of 50 minutes for each episode. The director of this series was Cheng Zhi Chao, Li Hong Yu, and Ma Hua Gan. The series is an adaptation of the Danmei novel (novels particulars focused on romantic male relationships) titled “Faraway Wanderers” written by Priest. But the screenplay of the series is not completely copied from the Danmei Novel and is written by Xiao Chu. The lead star cast of the series had Gong Jun and Zhang Zhehan.

In a world where most of the romantic content is based on male-female relationships, this show was a breakthrough for the consideration of male-male relationships or gay relationships. These kinds of series are giving social importance to these issues and opening a window for their discussions on a mass level. This topic made this series apart from other Chinese shows with its own identity. Today we are going to discuss whether the second season of this series is expected soon or not? If expected, when it’s going to be released?? It’s probable plot and the cast for the upcoming season. Let’s get started then!!

Word Of Honor Season 2 Release Date

word of honor season 2 release date

Word of honor season 2 is going to be released soon and the reason behind this immediate denial of the second season is the lack of plot and story. The makers were quite surprised by the success of the first season as it earned a 9.3 rating on IMDb which was the center of attention for most of the viewers. It became the primary responsibility of the makers to decide the plot of the second season catchy enough the give the audience hangover of the series again. That plot has not been put to reality since the ending of the first season that’s why there is no official update from the makers regarding the renewal of the second season. Though the second season is inevitable yet it will take some time to be completed.

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Word Of Honor Season 1 Recap

The story starts with the detachment of Zhou Zishu with his assassination organization “The Window of Heaven” in pursuit of his dream of getting freedom from the clutches of crime and roaming freely whenever he wants, wherever he wants. But as he moves forwards on this path, he finds himself followed by his past. On his journey to run from his past, he meets a person on his journey named Wen Kexing. Wen is also a lost soul who is also on his way to take vengeance for the wrongs done with him.

As their relationship grows up, the plot are being set up by both of their enemies in a martial art world. On the quest to get out of those plots, they find out their better half in each other and realize that they complement each other. They face those plots together and go on the discover the mystery behind those plots as well as the purpose of their foes. Will both of them succeed in their mission?? Watch the series to unravel the answers to this question.

Word Of Honor Season 2 Story

Season two of the series has been much anticipated by the viewers but the official updates are unwilling to make it soon. The lack of a plot is leading to the delay in the renewal of the series for the second season. The ending of the first season of the series was gloomy and left the audience somber. That’s why the plot of the upcoming season of the series should be cast in such a way that the audience can regain its interest in the show and gets its hope back. That’s why the second season may follow the resumption of the characters that were lost in the first season through mystical means like the characters Aes Sedai from the Wheel of Time. It becomes necessary that the plot of the series must be the prime focus of makers for the second season which can placate the audience yearning for the second season.

Word Of Honor Season 2 Cast

word of honor season 2 release date

Since there is no official declaration about the renewal of the second season of the series Word of Honor, there are no leads, at least officially of the actors that are playing their roles in the second season. And if there is no official announcement, any information regarding the cast will be just an assumption. Based on such an assumption, the tentative cast for the second season of this series can be listed below:

  • Zhang Zhehan
  • Gong Jun
  • Sun Xilun
  • Zhou Ye
  • Ma Wen
  • Chen Zi Han
  • Ke Nai Yu
  • Xue Fei
  • Zhou Yao
  • Yang Chao Ran
  • Li Bao Er
  • Qiu Bin
  • Sha Zi Xuan

These were some of the actors that may repeal their roles in the second season of the Word of Honor. Hope it was a smooth reading experience for you going through the whole blog. Do subscribe to the page if you loved it and visit the page again for further updates!

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