When Is Lawless Lawyer Season 2 Release Date Arriving?

It is not only the romantic Korean dramas that are popular among the global audience but other genres are also preferred simultaneously. If you haven’t tried watching any thrilling k-drama, then you should go for Lawless Lawyer. This series is a legal thriller show directed by Kim Jin-min. Many a time, it is also known as Lawless Attorney. The story is about Bong Sang-Pil and Ha Jae-Yi who work together to fight against corrupt individuals. This South Korean TV series was released in 2018 and from then onwards, fans are in wait for a positive piece of news pertaining to Lawless Lawyer season 2.

So, is there confirmation of the arrival of the next season? Will the series revive itself? The list of questions can go really long. Hence, to catch up on all the details regarding Lawless Lawyer season 2, its release date, and story expectations don’t skip this post.

Lawless Lawyer Season 2 Release Date

Lawless Lawyer Season 2

The first season was packed with 16 thrilling episodes that started airing on 12th May 2018. The final episode was released on 1st July 2018 and tvN was the original network on which this series was available for the spectators. Would you consider a show successful with an IMDb rating of 7+ out of 10? The most common answer would be yes, of course! Lawless Lawyer has bagged an IMDb rating of 7.6 and had several million viewers. A show is restored only after going through these aspects. According to these factors, the show would have been renewed to date but it seems like creators are not willing to plan for season 2. Since there are no official statements either for restoring Lawless Lawyer or concerning its cancellation the situation is still uncertain.

Even after three years fans will need to wait longer for this miracle to happen. Unless and until any official detail gets revealed, everything would be under suspicion. However, we are expecting Lawless Lawyer season 2 to release in mid-2022.

Will There Ever Be Lawless Lawyer Season 2?

Wondering when will Lawless lawyer season 2 will release? Well, this is the question every fan of the k drama is asking even after three years. The first season of the show was released three years back. Currently, there is no release date for the second season of the show, but the show received great popularity from all over the world. So, there are still chances that the second season will return by the end of 2022 (if renewed).

The first season has not opened doors for a second season and that could be a Major reason why we haven’t seen a second season of the show. So, if it is renewed, the second season might start from a new story.

Lawless Lawyer Season 2 Cast

The two leading roles, Bong Sang-Pil and Ha Jae-Yi are played by Lee Joon-gi and It’s Ok To Not Be Ok fame actress Seo Yea-ji, respectively. Another prominent character of the corrupted judge, Lee Hye-young, has been portrayed by Cha Moon-sook. This actor also appeared in one of the most loved South Korean drama series, Boys Over Flowers. Choi Min-soo is in the role of Ahn Oh-Joo while Seo Ye-Hwa appeared as Keum Ja. Further, the Lawless Lawyer is starring Shin Eun-Jung as Bong’s mother. The lead actor had an uncle, Choi Dae-Woong, who raised him. This character was very well acted by Ahn Nae-sang.

In addition to them, Lim Ki-hong, Yeom Hye-ran, Jeon Jin-gi, Kim Byung-hee, Cha Eun, and Seo Ye-hwa were starred as Keum Kang, Nam Soon-Ja, Ko In-doo, Tae Kwang-soo, Kang Yeon- hee, and Keum Ja, accordingly.
Lawless Lawyer season 2 might release with the previous cast and can give chance to the new faces along with them.

Lawless Lawyer Season 2 Plot

Bong Sang-Pil went to live with his uncle after his mother was killed by a judge, Cha Moon-sook. After his mother’s death, he wants to seek revenge and that’s why he wants to be a lawyer. His uncle was a gang boss and after 18 years, Bong Sang-Pil returns to Gisung. Meanwhile, Ha Jae-Yi comes back to her hometown, Gisung. Her license for being a lawyer was suspended because she hit a judge in court.
Both of them pair together and decide to provide justice by using the loopholes in the law system.
The second season of Lawless Lawyer can certainly start a new story but at the same time, we also speculate the previous plot to continue.

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