Watership Down Season 4 Release Date Is Almost Canceled!

An animated fantasy children’s tv series titled Watership Down is an adaptation of the novel tiled with the same name that was released in 1972 authored by Richard Adams. Before this series, a film was also released in 1978 based on the same novel mentioned above. The director of this series was Troy Sullivan while the producer of this series was Martin Rosen who was the director that released in 1978. The 39 episodes made up about three seasons of the former series each with a time duration of 25 minutes.

The first season of this series premiered on 28 September 1999 simultaneously on CITV in UK and YTV in Canada. The star cast of the series included several acclaimed British actors like Rik Mayall, Stephen Fry, Jane Horrocks, Phill Jupitus, John Hurt, Dawn French, and Richard Briers. Quite a list! Isn’t it?? Well today, we are gonna discuss season 4 of Watership down. The updates regarding its release, information about the plot for the upcoming season, and the characters with the voices of actors from the British film industry will be discussed further in this blog!!

Watership Down Season 4 Release Date

Watership Down Season 4 Release Date

Watership Down season 4 is not probable in the future because of the loss of the reputation of the purpose for which it was being made by the makers originally which was the entertainment of the children. As the seasons got renewed, the story got even darker and darker which was just to add some twists in the series but that content was affecting the mind of the children badly. The series also lost the interest of the audience after season 3 and got canceled by the makers officially. So it would be better to enjoy the previous season of this series without false hope of the release of season 4.

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Watership Down Season 1-3 Recap

The story of the first three seasons moves with the life of a rabbit family living in their Warren. Soon in time, they come to know that their Warren is no longer a safe place for them to stay which forced them to leave it. They leave that Warren and move to a new Warren on a hill named Watership Down facing terrible dangers and obstacles on their way through the English countryside. But the life doesn’t go smooth for animals as well and also their Warren gets endangered by a Warren named Efrafa governed by General Woundwart. Since they cannot just move from here to there for their safety, they decide to struggle with the dangers and troubles that come between the rabbit family and their safety. All that matters for them now is survival among those difficulties.

Watership Down Season 4 Story

The Watership Down series is not going to be renewed since the series was canceled after the third season way back in 2001. The makers already had come up with new stories in the second and third seasons. Their experiments with the story went wrong and the series lost its reputation as an ideal show for kids’ entertainment. That’s why since all these years, there is not even a rumor about the release of the first season. Everyone belonging to the fanbase of Watership Down has left the hope for the renewal of the show for the fourth season. Though it may seem dull, that’s what the truth is and the only thing that can revive the series for the fourth season is the innocence that was in the first season of the series.

Watership Down Season 4 Characters

Watership Down Season 4 Release Date

The characters of Watership Down were legendary and are still living deep in the minds of the audience of this series at that time. Though the fourth season of the series is not coming to reality we can presume the characters that were gonna appear in the series’ fourth season if it might be released-

  • Rob Rackstraw as Campion
  • David Holt as Vervain, Bluesky, , Darkling, Boxwood
  • Stephen Mangan as Bigwig
  • Sue Elliot Nichols as Blackberry, Tabitha
  • Andrew Falvey as Fiver
  • Richard Briers as Captain Broom
  • Lee Ross as Hawkbit
  • Rik Mayall as Kehaar
  • Ian Shaw as Hazel
  • Stephen Fry as Cowslip
  • Elliot Henderson-Boyle as Pipkin
  • Stephen Gately as Blackavar
  • Kiefer Sutherland as Hickory
  • Tim McInnerny as Silverweed
  • Kate Ashfield as Primrose
  • Stephanie Morgenstern as Marigold
  • Dawn French as Buttercup
  • John Hurt as General Woundwort
  • Anthony Barclay as Culoci
  • Phill Jupitus as Dandelion
  • Matt Wilkinson as the Weasel
  • Tom Eastwood as Moss
  • Jane Horrocks as Hannah
  • Robert Harper as Strawberry
  • Jo Rodriguez as Clover
  • Alice Welsh and Sean Welsh as Primrose’s Bunnies
  • Janet Dale as Bark, Tassle, Frost, Katrina
  • Maria Darling as Hannah, Pipkin, Clover
  • Anthony Jackson as Kehaar, Cowslip
  • Penny Freeman as Primrose, Marigold
  • Paul Panting as Strawberry, Flax
  • Nigel Pegram as Hazel, Moss, General Woundwort, Dandelion

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