Is Hell Or High Water Based On A True Story?

Hell or High Water, the neo-western heist drama set in a small-town received huge critical acclaim when it was originally released in 2016. The drama follows closely the lives of two brothers who are living an unsettled life. The indie drama, helmed by David Mackenzie revolves around the two brothers Toby and Tanner. We meet them as they are planning to rob a bank for a better future with their family. The popular crime drama contrary to popular belief is not based on a true story. The movie is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Is Hell Or High Water Based On A True Story?

Is Hell Or High Water Based On A True Story

No. This may come across as a shocking answer for many but the drama is not based on a true story. The tale is purely imaginative. Even though the crime drama is a work of fiction, the creators have managed to include details that give the illusion of it being based on a true story.

Hell Or High Water Story

The story goes on as rangers Marcus Hamilton and Alberto Parker create obstacles to stop the boys. The movie was received positively by audiences and critics, alike. Most of them commend its exquisite cinematography and accurate characterization. There were whispers around the movie being based on a true story. So Is Hell or High Water Based on a true story? Keep reading to find the answer.

The plot of the movie is set in West Texas and it was filmed in Eastern New Mexico, Portales, and Tucumcari. The unit wrapped up the shoot on 8 July 2015. The movie made on a budget of $12 million grossed over $30 million at the box office. The movie directed by ‘Perfect Sense’ fame David Mackenzie is written by Taylor Sheridan. The movie was tentatively titled Comancheria. The nomenclature of the movie is a tale in itself. The interns at one of the production companies came up with the present name during a title competition.

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Hell Or High Water Release Date

The crime drama that was released on 22 November 2016 offers a critical commentary on the harm caused by a profit-driven economy. The way our society disregards humanity and refuses to accept and understand that people are meant to be treated with love and kindness. Everything revolves around money. The ironic part is that what seems the only way out of this kind of life also includes being a part of the system. For instance, how the two brothers had to execute a robbery as they become a victim of their circumstances. The movie had received tremendously good reviews upon release with several critics commending its combination of thrill and fear.

Hell Or High Water Cast

Is Hell Or High Water Based On A True Story

The crime drama also deals with the subjects of class disparity and hard times through its protagonists’ suffering. What led the brothers to devise a robbery plan is personal grief and suffering. They have a debt on their heads and will go to any extent to free themselves of it. The movie has a talented cast that carries the script on its able shoulders. The cast includes Jeff Bridges plays the role of Texas Ranger Marcus Hamilton, Chris Pine plays the role of Toby Howard, Ben Foster plays the role of Tanner Howard, Gil Birmingham plays the role of Texas Ranger Alberto Parker, Marin Ireland plays the role of Debbie Howard, Dale Dickey plays the role of Elsie, Katy Mixon plays the role of Jenny Ann, Kevin Rankin plays the role of Billy Rayburn, Danny Winn plays the role of Trooper Bruno, Melanie Papalia plays the role of Hooker, Amber Midthunder plays the role of Vernon Teller, Taylor Sheridan plays the role of Cowboy, lma Sisneros plays the role of Casino Hotel Clerk, Melissa-Lou Ellis plays the role of Bar Girl, John-Paul Howard plays the role of Justin Howard, Christopher W. Gracia plays the role of Randy Howard, Margaret Bowman plays the role of Waitress, Jackamoe Buzzell plays the role of Archer City Deputy. The ensemble cast adds to the brilliance of the film.

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