Is Pursuit of Happyness a Real Story?  

Pursuit of Happyness is an American-based Drama movie. The movie was released on 15th December 2006. This movie is based out on the struggle of a middle-class man who struggles with the economic and financial crisis. The movie was acted by the very famous Will Smith and the movie is in 1 hour 57 minutes.  

Is Pursuit of Happyness a Real Story?

Is Pursuit of Happyness a Real Story?

Pursuit of Happyness is a true biography of a middle-class man who invested all his life savings in a bone density scanner and he bought 4 to 5 pieces of that machine. But he was unable to sell those machines for his all the struggle he wasn’t able to close a single deal of that bone density scanner after which he started facing financial crisis his wife left him with his 6 years old boy. This movie is based on CHRIS GARDNER’s real-life struggle and his life. In the end, Chris Gardner is also filmed while crossing the reel life Chris Gardner Aka Will Smith. 

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Pursuit of Happyness Story 

Is Pursuit of Happyness a Real Story?

As the movie turned out to be the biggest motivation for the youths and business person the main plot of the story came in the picture when Will Smith came in front of the Wall Street famous broker office in stocks and instruments. He continuously followed that guy and he got an Interview but he still was unable to be in proper formals for his interview. But he somehow won the heart of interviewers and was appointed as an intern for a 1-month unpaid internship and after that Internship, there would be a selection exam for which he had to study as well.

He managed the days staying in the night shelter and even the washrooms of the subway with his 6-year-old boy. He quoted a very good line which turned out to be a motivational video and quote for many and the quote stated as “you got a dream you gotta protect it, people can’t do anything they wanna tell you also can’t do it, you want something, go get it”.  

Pursuit of Happyness Cast & Awards   

Very famous Will Smith played the role of Chris Gardner in the movie Pursuit of Happyness. Will Smith’s real name is Willard Carroll Smith Jr was born on 25th September 1968. Will Smith is an American actor, Rapper, and film Producer. Will Smith acted in more than 50 films and he also played several roles in Television shows. Will Smith started his career with a fictional character of himself in The Prince of Bel-Air. He also worked as an executive producer for 24 episodes for the same series. After his glorious acting in Muhammad Ali, he was nominated for various Awards and he manages to have 5 Golden Globe Awards, 4 Grammy Awards, and many more. Recently in one of his Instagram Reel, he was on the highest point of BURJ KHALIFA, DUBAI which he added with the song Black Out Days. HE is truly a motivation for many just by the way he is.   

Is Pursuit of Happyness a Real Story?

Pursuit of Happyness was Nominated for several awards and rewards not because of acting or production. This movie is a mixture of motivation, acting, and the best storyline. The list of awards is very huge but some of the “Capri Award as Movie of the Year”, “MTV Award for Breakthrough Motion”, Teen Choice Awards, and many more. Still National Review Online has named the film 7th in the best movie for Best conservative movie. About 5,570,577 units were sold which generated a revenue of $90,582,602 only in 2007 during the sales of DVD CDs. 

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