Light The Night Season 3 Release Date Is Yet To Be Confirmed!

Light The Night is a Taiwanese series that follows the life of the two protagonists. The story is set in the 80s and revolves around the lives of women of that time. The protagonists are a pair of best friends who together run a nightclub named Light in Taipei. The series is a Netflix original. It has been written by Ryan Tu. Under the direction of Lien Yi-chi, the series was released on 26 November 2021.

Light The Night Season 3 Release Date

Season 1 of the series launched globally on 26 November 2021. It is streaming on Netflix, currently. The first two episodes of the series also premiered on 22 November 2021 at the 58th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival. The series has an ensemble cast of six women who attended a press meeting held for the film in Taipei on 11 September 2020. On 14 October 2020, the makers also unveiled their male actors. It was originally decided that the series will broadcast exclusively on TVBS but the production and theme of the series attracted Netflix’s attention which led to them eventually attaining overseas distribution rights of the film for over 300 million Taiwanese dollars.

Light The Night Season 2 Story

The series deals with the struggles, love, and lives of the women. The two best friends we mentioned earlier are known as Ms. Sue and Ms. Rose in the club. All the women working at the Geisha House have a stage name by which their clients refer to them. The series grapples with various layers of life as it reveals the truth beneath fantasy, envy, rivalry, revenge, backbiting, resentment, and rage beneath the light.

The series will probably go for a renewed season 3. Season 1 of the series revolved around the happenings in Light Bar. It delves deeper into the backstories of all the hostesses as the premise becomes more apparent. Multiple stories run in parallel as events progress. It is found that Yuri sells drugs and all hell breaks loose when Aiko’s mother discovers the truth behind her profession. Multiple complicated romances also are a part of the series. Aiko, falling for He Yu-en and Sue deciding to marry Mr. Nakamura are some of them.

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Light The Night Season 3 Story

Light The Night Season 3 Release Date

Season 2 of the series continues the storyline of season 1. From investigating Sue’s killer to constantly switching between the past and present. The story moves forward in all aspects. Season 2 of Light the Night was released on 3rd December 2021. It has not yet been officially declared if part 3 is on the cards but fans have been eagerly waiting for it. If part 3 releases, it will surely be met with great reviews and welcomed with positive reception from audiences. Part 3 will most probably delve deeper into the story of the best friends.

Light The Night Season 3 Cast

Ruby Lin plays the role of Lo Yu-Nung also known as Rose, Yo Yang plays the role of Pan Wen-cheng, Cheryl Yang plays the role of Su Ching-Yi also known as Sue, Rhydian Vaughan plays the role of Chiang Han, Derek Chang plays the role of He Yu-en, Puff Kuo plays the role of Wang Ai-lien also known as Aiko, Esther Liu plays the role of Li Shu-Hua also known as Hena, Cherry Hsieh plays the role of Chi Man-ju also known as Ah-chi, Nikki Hsin-Ying Hsieh plays the role of Huang Pai-he, Cammy Chiang plays the role of Lin Ya-wen also known as Yaya, Hu Wei-Jie plays the role of Ting Chia-hao also known as Hsiao-hao, Nash Zhang plays the role of Li Chien-ta also known as Ah-ta, Dora Hsieh plays the role of Yen Chiao-Ju, Jim Liu plays the role of Wu Tsu-Wei, Wallace Huo plays the role of Ma Tien-Hua, Joseph Cheng plays the role of Wu Shao-Chiang, Wang Po-Chieh plays the role of Henry, Kai Hsiu plays the role of Ko Chih-hao, Lee Lee-zen plays the role of Hsu Kuo-Piao, Kagami Tomohisa plays the role of Nakamura Masao, Chu Chung-heng plays the role of Sun Ming-chang, Ken Lin plays the role of Feng, Lorene Jen plays the role of Hsiao Wan-jou.

Light The Night Trailer

The trailer of Light the Night is on YouTube.

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