Versailles Season 4 Release Date Is Yet To Come!

Versailles is a French history-based Web series that is a story of the construction of the Palace of Versailles during the Louis XIV governance. The story is based on French culture and the early life of French people during early 1643. The series was premiered on the very famous broadcasting platform CANAL+ in FRANCE & SUPER CHANNEL IN CANADA. The web series in total have 30 episodes which were aired from November 2015 to May 2018.

Versailles Season 4 Release Date  

Versailles Season 4 Release Date

Since there have been lots of rumors in the market for the cancellation of season 4 for this web series. Fans have been also waiting for season 4 eagerly but directors have given the final declaration that there will be no season 4 for this web series. There were clear indications from the delays by the promoters and producers that ITS OFFICIAL THERE WILL BE NO SEASON 4. Unfortunately, season 3 will be the final season for the complete series.  

Versailles Season 4 Story

The story is based out on the history of king LOUIS XIV where he always wanted to build as many palaces and beautiful buildings as in his nearby surrounding. Because of this behavior of their ruler general public started disobeying his orders. and since he wanted to shift the famous court of his empire to the city of love Paris. While he decided to do this by force to remove the palace of his father which turned out to be a disaster to his life as people started opposing him and turned out to be a war-like situation in his Kingdom.  

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Versailles Season 4 Shooting Location  

Versailles the complete series was filmed in the heart of city PARIS  and was mainly filmed in the PALACE OF VERSAILLES which is located in Versailles which is about 12 miles west of Paris. The series is filmed in the various heritage villas of Paris. Some of the famous and must-be visiting palaces to explore the beauty of Paris and filmed in the series are Chateau da Pierrefonds, Vaux le Vicomte, Chateau da Masions-Laffitte. These all are very famous for their glorious and eye-catching architecture.

Versailles Season 4 Cast

Versailles Season 4 Release Date

George Paul Blagden who is best known for his role as LOUIS XIV in this web series was born on 28th December 1989. He is an American actor and stage artist who also played Grantaire in the 2012 film adaption by Les Miserables. Blagden started singing in his early 13’s. Parallelly with his graduation, he studied acting at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. He also won the NATIONAL BOARD OF REVIEW OF MOTION PICTURES in 2012. He is a supporter of Diabetic UK as he cycled from London to Paris and raise 5000 pounds.  

Versailles Broadcasting Journey

Versailles very first episode of season 1 aired on 16th November 2015 on canal+ in France and on different platforms in Canada and other parts of the world. But in 2016 BBC acquired its rights and broadcasted season 1 and for some users season 2 came this early due to various discrepancies and various language barriers in April 2016 Netflix acquired all the rights and successfully started streaming.

And the final season of Versailles was released by Netflix on 2nd April 2019. After that Versailles received numerous positive and negative responses. But after lots of clashes and discrepancies public have accepted the series and they survived the ratings and somehow, they managed to gain a good rating from the public just because of good acting by LOUIS XIV and the story plot the series received 7.9 stars out of 10 on IMDB official website.  

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