Is Gakuen Alice Season 2 Release Date Showing Up?

Gakuen Alice is Japanese series that was released on 30th October 2004. It has officially 2 seasons which has now been a part of the world-famous Anime series. Anime is a world-famous Japanese web series that includes all the animated web series of that country. Gakuen Alice is also a part of these anime series. Gakuen Alice has in total has 26 episodes which are truly based on the Manga series. These are written and illustrated by Tachibana Higuchi. Gakuen Alice is also known as Alice Academy or Alice School is a story of children and their school life.

Gakuen Alice Season 2 Release Date 

Gakuen Alice Season 2 Release Date

It has already been released on 8th January 2005 the very first episode of Gakuen Alice has aired. All the episodes were released on weekly basis the complete season aired from 8th January 2005 to 14th May 2005 which includes a total of 18 episodes of the complete series. This simply indicates more than 70% of the episodes are only in season 2 of this series. 

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Gakuen Alice Season 2 Story

Mikan is the main character of the story who stays with her grandfather in the countryside. Hotari Imami is her only best friend who got her admission to a very prestigious school in Tokyo. The school is very famous only for the prestigious for all the superior class children to get the admission into that school. And somehow, she also gets herself enrolled in that school and once she started visiting the school, she came to know about all the fake images that were built for that school. As soon as she discovers the reality of the Alice Academy, she came to know about the heritage of the academy. But in the end, it’s only its only her true friendship which saved her from the so-called high-standard schools and academies.

It’s the only true friend that can give you the spirit to fight with all the odds of the world. Very well quoted “it’s not the goodbyes that hurt it’s always the memories that came as Flashback.” You can find love and friendship both in a single person. It’s always a true friend who will support you in all your failures and it will always be your true friend who will laugh when you fall because he/she knows that you will only challenge yourself when your close one will laugh at you. More than your family your friends know you.

Gakuen Alice Ratings and Reviews

As per sources, it is this anime was translated into English and broadcasted all over Asia in 2008 and was originally broadcasted from 19th February 2003 to 20th June 2013. This series received 7.3 stars out of 10 on IMDB’s official website. Slowly and steadily Gakuen Alice started gaining fan support and have the perfect grasp in the audience. 

Gakuen Alice Season 2 Cast

Kana Ueda is the main character who played the role of Mikan Sakora in the series the Gakuen Alice. Kana Ueda is a Japanese voice actress and singer born on 9th June 1980. She is very well famous for her voice-over in all the anime series. She had a voice-over for more than 50(+) anime series. Kana Ueda early life was in in Nara, Japan. She is Graduated from Kobes College Department of General Culture. She is famously known for her voice-over in YUKI FUKUZAWA in MARIA –SAMA GA MITERU, RIN TOHSAKA in FATE/NIGHT STAY. 

Higuchi Tachibana is the writer of this Anime Series Gakuen Alice she is very well famous for writing books and scripts & Art. She came into light only after the success OF this Series of Gakuen Alice. She debuts her career in 1996 in Bessatsu Hana to Yume’s 5th edition after that in her interview she stated that she was very late in writing the Alice Academy.

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