Iridorimidori Anime Release Date And Spoilers!

There are many anime shows and dramas but today, we will talk about a musical anime drama. Musical dramas are in itself a new thing, in which we can enjoy the music too. Iridorimidori is one such musical anime drama series, which we are going to talk about. Iridorimidori is a manga and an audio drama animated series. The series follows the lives of a group of girls who attempt to make a successful band. The anime got Chihaya Tanaka as its director.

Iridorimidori Anime Release Date

Iridorimidori Release Date

Know Here! Iridorimidori is based on Sega’s famous game, Chunithm. The game was released in 2015. Before Iridorimidori, much musical anime series got released and gained positive reviews. Some of the musical dramas are K – On, Carole and Tuesday, and the Nana. After the announcement of Iridorimidori, fans are very much excited to know its release date. We will tell you here the release date of the series. The makers of the series have announced that the series is coming on January 5, 2022. The series will premiere on the Tokyo MX channel. Let’s gear up now for the series.

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Iridorimidori Anime Story

The plot surrounds around a girl band group in Maigahara Senior High School where a girl, named, Serina is willing to join a music academy, who gives the stage to the talented artists. However, Serina was a talented artist but was not able to get into the academy just because she was lacking in her grades. She was told that if she excelled in performance in the annual function, she would be able to get into the academy. She gets into the mission to make a band for the function.

The series then focuses on the girl’s life: how they start their journey to make a musical band and to make it popular. The band also released two album songs, ” Session High ” and ” Still “, which were on the top rank, making the band unique and popular in everyone’s eye.

Iridorimidori Anime Characters

Iridorimidori Release Date

As the series focuses on the in-girl band group, those are the main characters. Serina Akesaka, whose voice is given by Emi Nitta is a 17 – years – old drummer and the founder of the Iridorimidori band group. Aliciana Ogata, whose voice is given by Ayaka Fukuhara is a 17 – years – old girl and one of the guitarists of the group.

Nazuna Tennuzo, whose voice is given by Ayano Yamamoto is a 16 – years – old girl and the other guitarist. Nagi Kobotoke, whose voice is given by Kaoru Sakura, and Naru Hokobe, whose voice is given by M.A.O, are the main and lead characters in the series.

Iridorimidori Trailer

The trailer is however short, but you can predict its plot, characters, and whether to watch this anime or not. Enjoy this trailer with a cup of your tea.

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