Will There Be Love 020 Season 2 Release Date Or Not?

Love and romance but with a mixture of drama and comedy – a perfect match Love 020, which is also known as A Smile Is Beautiful and One Smile is Very Alluring, is a Chinese television series. The series is written by Gu Man, Shen Feixuan, Wen Ting, Ou-Yang with Good Story Workshop and directed by Lin Yufen. The series is a drama version of a novel of the same name. The series is released under Gcoo Entertainment and got a total of 30 episodes.

Love 020 Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of the series ran from August 22, 2016, to September 6, 2016, with two episodes releasing on the same day. The series ran on Jiangsu TV, Dragon TV, Tudou, and Youku in China in the Mandarin language. It got 8 ratings out of 10 on IMDb and was liked by approximately 94 % of people.

After a long time of its season 1, fans are desperately waiting for season 2. They are, however, hoping for the next season, as the ending of season 1 was not so satisfactory. But, let me give you here a sudden jerk. It will be bad news for the fans of the series as there is no whereabouts of the next season. It’s been five years now, and the makers have not given any information about season 2. But, let’s see what happens and just hope for the next season.

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Love 020 Season 1 Story

The plot of the story revolves around Bei Weiwei and Xiao Nai’s romantic adventure, but with a pinch of misunderstandings and doubt. Weiwei is a scholar and a 2nd-year student of computer science. She wants to become a game developer and designer. Luwei Weiwei is the player of her in-game: A Chinese Ghost Story. After she broke up with her online husband Zhensui Wuxiang, she was approached by Xiao Nai, who was the number one player. He suggests to her that they should get married so that they can participate in couples in-game competitions. The online but, newlywed couple undergo many adventures together in-game.

However, Weiwei did not expect that her online husband can be something that she has not thought about. She, later on, got to know that Xiao is her scholar and academician senior, but gentle too. They met with each other, and eventually fell in love. Many misunderstandings, doubts, and numerous obstacles came in between their romantic path.

Love 020 Season 2 Cast

Love 020 Season 2 Release Date

Zheng Shuang seen in the character of Bei Weiwei is a 2nd-year University student of computer science. She is an intelligent, bright, and helpful person who wants to be a game developer and designer. She catches the eye of Xiao Nai’s attention. Yang Yang seen in the character of Xiao Nai is a 4th-year University student of computer science and the CEO of Zhi Yi technology company. He is gentle and kind with a multitasker in sports, music, and arts. He is well known on campus.

Mao Xiaotong seen in the character of Zhao Erxi is Weiwei’s best friend. She is bright, cheerful, and energetic. She falls for Cao Guang, who also be friends with her. Bai Yu seen in the character of Cao Guang is a 2nd-year foreign study student. He first misunderstood Weiwei but, later on, develops feelings for her. He, later on, also befriends Erxi.

Love 020 Season 2 Awards and Nominations

The series was one of the top-ranked series in China. It also won many awards. The series won the 2nd China Quality Television Drama Ceremony Award under the category of Popular Quality Actor and Innovative Themed Drama of the Year in 2017. The series also got released in other countries too, like, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, the US, Canada, Malaysia, Japan, and Hong Kong.

Love 020 Season 2 Trailer

Till now, there is no official trailer of season 2, but, wait for it and watch the official trailer of season 1. You will also fall in love with the plot and the cast of the series.

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