Brave New World Season 2 Release Date: Is It Cancelled?

Brave New World, the show produced by Universal Cable Productions will not have a second season as confirmed by reliable sources. The second season has officially been canceled by the streaming platform. The chances of a second season are grim even if the show lands a partnership with an international partner.

Brave New World Season 2 Release Date

Brave New World Season 2 Release Date

After a largely positive reception of the first season of Brave New World. It was expected that season 2 must be on the cards. Fans have been eagerly waiting to know what will happen in the next season of their beloved series. However, they might just be up for disappointment.

With a reliable cast, a solid script, and a hit novel to depend upon Brave New World Season one had a rather easy journey. Creating a second season would mean living up to the expectations of the first one which is not possible since there wouldn’t be any Aldous Huxley novel, this time around.

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Brave New World Plot

The series that was the first high-profile release of the streaming platform, Peacock was initially a USA Network Original. It stars Alden Ehrenreich and Demi Moore amongst other popular names. The series first went into development in 2015 under Dave Howe (former Syfy President) and took up shape only in February 2019. Grant Morrison and David Weiner produced it under UCP’s name. It revolves around an imaginary world where a utopian society exists. A society that has attained stability and peace and has completely gotten rid of monogamy etc. like ill practices. History has erased itself and everything is near to perfect.

Brave New World showcases a world where each and every person follows a certain set of instructions as to how they should behave, their moods were stabilized through medication and anything other than general happiness and satisfaction was frowned upon. The public was divided in four classes namely Alphas, Betas, Gammas, and Epsilons. Alphas were the governing class while the Epsilon was the highest class.
Everything goes awry when Epsilon commits suicide making Alpha counselor Bernard Marx introspect whether the citizens are truly happy or just put on a happy face. Thus embarks a journey where a different land is discovered. A land where a range of emotions can be expressed safely.

All nine episodes were released in July when Peacock was launched. The show was panned by critics all over and has a 45℅ Rotten Tomatoes rating. Audiences’ reaction, however, has been largely positive. Last Wednesday, representatives of UCP and Peacock gave a joint statement saying the series will not have a season 2. They appreciated director David Weiner in their statement saying that they were glad to have worked with the cast and crew who brought this thought-provoking cinematic adaption to life. They expressed their desire to work with him again in near future.

Brave New World Cast

Brave New World Season 2 Release Date

The cast of Brave New World includes a number of actors playing different characters. Jessica Brown Findlay plays the character of Lenina Crowne, Joseph Morgan plays the character of CJack60, Alden Ehrenreich plays the character of John the Savage, Harry Lloyd plays the character of Bernard Marx, Hannah John-Kamen plays the character of Wilhelmina Watson, Sen Mitsuji plays the character of Henry Foster, Demi Moore plays the character of Linda, Kylie Bunbury plays the character of Frannie Crowne, Lara Peake plays the character of Madysun, Nina Sosanya plays the character of Mustapha Mond, Kate Fleetwood plays the character of Sheila, Anastasia Zabarchuk plays the character of Epsilon Woman, Sophie McIntosh plays the character of Jane, Naomi Yang plays the character of Vivian and Ann Akin plays the character of DJill29.

Peacock: The Streaming Platform That Suffered Because Of Covid

Peacock is one of those streaming platforms that got adversely affected by the pandemic. The pandemic that delayed the Tokyo Olympics (the matches were supposed to stream on Peacock) and a lot of scripted originals.

Peacock’s upcoming line is very interesting too including ‘Saved by the bell’, Punky Brewster, Dr. Death, and Rutherford Falls, a comedy helmed by Ed Helms. Brave New World was the screen adaption of a dystopian sci-fi 1931 novel written by Aldous Huxley.

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