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American Pie is an adult comedy genre movie that is full of humor. Not a single scene of the movie is like that which will not entertain you. The series consists of five films.

The first part of the movie was released in the year 2005 which was named American Pie Presents: Band Camp and later the sequel of the movie came in the next year was in 2006 which was named American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile and in the very next year which was in 2007 the third part of the movie also released which was named as American Pie Presents: Beta House. However, the makers of the movie took a gap of two years for the fourth sequel of the movie and were released in the year 2009 and the makers named it American Pie Presents: The Book of Love.

But after the fourth sequel the release of the sequel of the movie stopped which made the fans of the movie very disappointed. However, the makers took a long time but they don’t disappoint their fans and released the fifth sequel of the movie in 2020 which was named American Pie Presents: Girl’s Love.

How Many American Pie Movies Are There?

American pie has a total of five parts and each part carries a different storyline and all the parts are equally entertaining. You can’t keep your eye away from the movie for even a minute. So let’s have the look at the previous sequels of the movie

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It was the first installment of the film which revolves around the character named Matt Stifler. Matt Stifler was the younger brother of Steve Stifler. He wanted to carry his family business forward of making pornographic films to prove his “Stifmeister” behavior to his elder brother  Steve. Matt once pulled the prank in the school in return for which he got punished by the school counselor and the school management decided to send him to the Band Camp. Matt was initially disgruntled by the idea, but he soon agrees, interested in the notorious sexual behavior of band camp girls.

Initially, Matt was very disrespectful to the rules and even put his school band in trouble. Matt’s behavior was mischievous. There was a competition in the camp in which all the schools were competing with East Great Falls leading the point table but the ill-fated prank Matt pulled for the rival team caused the band to lose. Matt had done very bad things in the camp. In the new term, Matt visits with Chuck who revealed that he and the rest of Steve’s friends really could not stand him. Ironic of blatant plagiarism, Brandom has been disqualified and Elyse wins the scholarship with Matt to win her affection.


This sequel of the movie moves around Erick Stifler who is the cousin of Matt and Steve. When he realized that he is the only one in the Stifler family who will pass out the high school without losing his virginity, he decided to carry the legacy. And after taking some advice he decided to go to the Naked Mile race, where his weekend became the best weekend ever because of the girls whom he saw during the naked mile race.


This part of the movie is again led by Erik Stifler, a college freshman who pledged the Beta House fraternity led by his cousin. In college, Erik Stifler met the girl whose name was Ashley and he got fascinated by her and soon they started dating each other. So this part of the story moves around the love life of Erik Stifler


This sequel revolves around the three virgin boys who accidentally got the book in the library named the book of love. Unfortunately, the book is ruined and with incomplete advice, the book led them on the hilarious journey of losing their virginity.


In this part of the movie, all the powers are in the hands of the girls. The girls took the quest for love. Looking to spice up their love life the girls decided to harness their power so that they will get what they wanted from boys.

American Pie Cast

American Pie Movies

Some of the main cast of movies are Jason Biggs, Eugene Levy, Alyson Hannigan, Sean William Scott, Shannon Elizabeth, and many more.

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