B Positive Season 3 Release Date And Cast Details!

B Positive is an American sitcom aired on CBS Television Network. The first season dropped on 5th November 2020 followed by its second season on 14th October 2021. With an ongoing season 2, the star cast includes Thomas Middleditch and Annaleigh Ashford in the lead roles. It is created by Marco Pennette and the plot is based on true events from Pennette’s life. The creator also went through a kidney transplant, which is the major plotline of this sitcom. The audience loves the show, especially season 1. It has a 6.2 rating on IMDb and 84% of people liked it on Rotten tomatoes.

B Positive Season 3 Release Date

B Positive Season 3

As the second season of B Positive is nearing its finale, the watchers are eager to know if there will be another season in store. However, the creator, Marco Pennette still has not revealed anything about the renewal of the sitcom. Even so, B Positive season 3 is most likely to air later in 2023. We can also expect Thomas Middleditch and Annaleigh Ashford back in their roles along with the other cast members.

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B Positive Season 3 Story

The creators and the producers still have not started pitching ideas for the renewal of the sitcom. The last two episodes of season 2 are yet to be aired and the prediction of the next plot can only be done after the season 2 finale. The episodes are released each week on Thursday on CBS Television Network. Episode 24 was released on 18th November and the next will be aired on 2nd December.

B Positive Season 1 and 2 Recap

The pilot episode of B Positive season 1 revolved around Drew (Thomas Middleditch) who works as a therapist. He recently got separated from his wife Julia. As he’s trying to get his life back on track, he is diagnosed with early stages of renal failure and if he doesn’t get a kidney transplant soon enough, the condition will worsen.

As he is trying to find a donor to save his life, he meets Gina (Annaleigh Ashford) who was his high school acquaintance. Drew tries to convince Gina of the Kidney donation and she agrees instantly. And so, they embark on a journey of a wholesome friendship. The title of the show, B Positive is about being positive in situations like this. The theme of the show is portrayed ever so beautifully. This show will make you laugh, cry and laugh yet again.

As season 2 proceeds, the first episode shows the aftermath of successful transplantation. Drew and Gina both come out of the hospital healthy and ready to go. A few more struggles come in as they try to sort themselves. The latest episode shows Gina struggling in her workplace while Drew tries to fight the lack of his social life. The finale will reveal what is in store for our beloved Drew and Gina.

B Positive Season 3 Cast

B Positive Season 3

With Annaleigh Ashford and Thomas Middleditch playing the lead roles in B Positive, there are other characters played by Kether Donohue as Gabby, Sara Rue as Julia, Izzy G. as Maddie, and Terrence Terrell as Eli.

Moreover, Darryl Stephens, David Anthony Higgins, Hector Elizondo, Ben Vereen, Jim Beaver, Jane Seymour, Linda Lavin, and Anna Maria Horsford are in the recurring cast. The episodes of both seasons are directed by James Widdoes, Phill Lewis, James Burrows, Richie Keen, and Scott Ellis. Executive producers include Chuck Lorre, Marco Pennette, Jim Patterson, and Warren Bell.

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