Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 5 Release Date & Spoilers!

Recently, Komi Can’t communicate manga series was released just from Japan. Based on School romance and comedy this anime manga series was released on 7th October 2021. In a short period, it became very popular among the audiences and also ranked very high. Till now, there are only 4 episodes released. Further, read more to know about Komi Can’t communicate episode release date and spoilers!

Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 5 Release Date

Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 5

Komi can’t communicate is a romantic comedy Japanese anime manga series. Written by Deko Akao and Written by Ayumu Watanabe& Kazuki Kawagoe. The following manga Television series follows the manga written by Tomohito Oda, which used to be printed weekly in the ‘weekly Shonen Sunday’ magazine. After the 4 successful episodes run, the series became the top hottest anime series in North Asia. The fans are flabbergasted by this arrangement after the premiere of the previously viewed episodes; they’re keen to know when the succeeding episode, which is Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 5 Release Date. Episode 5 will go to release on 3rd November 2021.

The series follows the story of the hottest girl named Komi which is a high school girl in Tokyo. Shouko Komi proximately receives a devastating surge in admiration due to the extraordinary, enduring beauty and refined stylishness her classmates observe her have. Now, you should watch this before knowing the whole story. This will drive you to fall into an interesting story. This year it was released by only one season, but hoping for the best results to see next season. You can exclusively watch it on TV Tokyo.

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Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 5 Story

Komi can’t communicate episode 5 is on the way to premiere. So, let’s ready to know about the storyline of episode 5. An individual anime series comes into the fall season as the Manga series of Tomohito Oda arrives on the small screens and with a few battings, it previously fascinated fans and viewers with its fanciful story.

Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 begins with, the start of the contention of Komi and Yadano as the latter encounters the previous for all of the senses in school are on Komi. Yadano is a very insensitive girl that it’s really hard to make her understand that someone is there who is extraordinary than her.
She always tries to compete with Komi in every way. During the competition, she always keeps eyes on each komi’s move just to win her. Though Komi has trodden her in the first task, later second, and Yadano marvels whether Komi is dishonest or suborning anyone since she is performing well in the exams. This was the scenario from the last episode. But to know the rest of the story you must explore the series on Netflix or Funimation.

Voiceovers of Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 4
Starring Shouko Komi voiced by Aoi Koga, Hitohito Tadano voiced by Gakuto Kajiwara, Rumiko Manbagi voiced by Ai Yoshikawa, Najimi Osana voiced by Rie Murakawa, Ren Yamai voiced by Rina Hidaka, and Narrator voiced by Noriko Hidaka.

Where to Watch Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 5?

You can watch all the episodes exclusively on TV Tokyo. Either you can also watch this on Netflix and Funimation streaming channels.
You can also watch the trailer on youtube just to explore yourself by the glimpse of the story.

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