Love Live Season 3 Release Date And Expectations!

There are undoubtedly very few anime out there, the quintessence of which is solely music. It is a somewhat risky enterprise in the sense that you may not know whether fans will fancy it or not. Whether it will work out or not keeping in mind the larger demographics that it has to appeal to.

The same anime that is the pivot around this musical stream is ‘Love Live’, where a bunch of girls is trying to make it big for themselves in the field of music. However, this journey is not devoid of impedes and soon they have to maneuver their way out to fulfill their long-cherished dream.

The anime with its first initial episodes will enable you to just gawk at it. However, the latter of the show soon picks up the pace for the good and would render you with its last episode in a cowed state.

Love Live Season 3 Release Date

Love Live Season 3 Release Dat

The show’s making involves several multimedia companies coming together into a joint project. They are namely, Kadokawa , ASCII Media Works, Bandai Namco Arts, which worked in tandem with creators Hajime Yanate, Sakurako Kimino. The animation studio involved was studio Sunrise, which is known for anime such as Gintama and Inuyasha, while the music label which made the music-oriented show happen was Lantis.

Over the years the anime was branched out into music CDs, various game adaptions, mangas, etc.

How many seasons are there of love live and in what order can we watch them?

Love live season 1 or Love Live Idol Project made its appearance on January 6, 2013, and concluded on March 31, 2013, with 13 episodes under its belt. This was followed by a second season that aired from April 6, 2014, to June 29, 2014. The doubts that season 2, finished on a cliffhanger was dispelled by the announcement of a movie that was set to release on June 13, 2015.

After this, an alternative anime television series with the appellation ‘Love Live Sunshine was released in Japan. However, the most recent appearance of the show came in the form of a second film that was released on January 4, 2019, named Love Live! Sunshine!! The school Idol Movie: Over the Rainbow.

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Will There Ever Be Love Live Season 3?

Love Live Season 3 Release Date

As of now, no entity involved in the making of the anime has confirmed anything about the reoccurrence thereof. However, based on our parameters of prediction, season 3 of the show seems likely as the story as it stands to seem unfinished.

Moreover, the anime was pretty popular as it was highly commercialized. Love Live was ranked no. 4 in top-selling media franchise in Japan followed by a direct jump to the spot of no. 1, the next year. How lucrative the anime was can be suggested by the fact that it cumulatively earned over 13 billion yen in the year 2015 and 2016. This number just includes the Blu-Ray\DVDs, manga, music CDs, and the novel.

This number excludes the profit from video games, film ticket sales, and digital downloads. If all of this were to be counted then the gross revenue generated by the show would have blasted all the charts. So, it seems highly unlikely that the makers would leave the opportunity to milk more out of the franchise in the form of a season 3.


Even if the anime does occur, there is no guarantee that the next installment will be a season 3 and not a full-fledged movie. It is very likely that the latter occur owing to the anime’s history of releasing installments, as we just saw. Many sources have predicted that by the end of 2021 or 2022 we may get to witness some sort of announcement or information regarding the renewal or the cancellation of the show.

Love Live Season 3 Story

The setting of the show is a high school named Otonokizaka High School which is in a dire state as the amount of students enrolling in it has plummeted drastically. Honoka Kousaka, a second-year student of the same school after knowing that her school is soon going to wind up its business, decides to save it by forming a school idol group of her own. Soon, her two childhood friends, Umi and Kotori pitches in her initiative and together they form an idol group called the ‘muse’.

However, soon the impediments to their initiative are going to come in the form of the school president Ery Ayase, who can’t stand their ideas. Furthermore, they are also having a hard time finding new members to their group. All of these challenges come at a time when the girls are about to participate in a band completion named “Love Live’. Will they be able to fulfill their dreams amidst such challenges?

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