When To Except She Was pretty Season 2?

Korean dramas winning the hearts of millions of people all over the world. Especially young audiences are much more in it. She was pretty is a story of two childhood friends reunite after fifteen-year, in that fifteen years, everything changed their fortune and looks were completely reversed now. The show is also known as Puzzled Lovers and Pretty Woman. She was pretty is a Koren drama series, a perfect blend of romance and comedy that premiered in 2015. The show was directed by Jung Dae-Yoon and features Hwang Jung-eum, Choi Si-won, Park Seo-Joon, Go Joon-hee in leading roles. Season one of the show was a big hit not only in Korea but also in other countries. The show won fourteen awards along with thirteen other nominations and was well praised by the audience. Since season one premiered Audiences are still waiting for season two, however, makers didn’t announce the second season yet.
Season one was a big commercial hit for the makers and it seems like they will again come on the screen with another season.

She was pretty Season 2 Is Happening Or Not?

Season one was released in 2015 on MBC and won the hearts of millions of people with its outstanding storyline and amazing cast, Especially in China audience loved it. After Kill Me, Heal Me’ back in January 2015 She was pretty was Hwang Jung-Eum and Park Seo-Joon’s second project together. 
Since season one premiered fans started wondering about She was pretty Season 2 but now its been a long time and the makers are still quiet about season 2. She was pretty Season 2 is in the middle of nowhere, makers neither renewed the show nor cancelled it. Our best guess is that makers would soon renew the show for another season by 2022. However, we all know that the entertainment industry is very unpredictable.

She was pretty Season 2 Cast Expectations!

 She was pretty Season 2

Sow features famous Korean actors like Hwang Jung-Eum, Park Seo-Joon, Go Joon-hee and Choi Si-won. If Season two happens then the lead character would be the same. Hwang Jung-Eum highlighted as Kim Hye-jin, Hwang received favourable reviews for her starry performance in the show. Hwang also has been featured in successful and very popular shows like ‘Lucky Romance’, ‘Secret Love’, ‘Kill Me, Heal me’ and ‘The Undateables’ and many more.
Park Seo-Joon highlights as Ji Sung-Joon, a friend of Hye-jin. When Sung-Joon was a kid he was chubby and unattractive also bullied.
Ji Sung-Joon later becomes a handsome, successful editor of the fashion magazine.
Park is recognized for his role in television dramas like ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’ ‘Fight for My Way‘ and many more. Park received favourable reviews. Go Joon-hee plays the character of Hye-jin’s best friend and roommate, Ha-ri. Ha-ri is a glamorous, confident as well as a successful young girl. Choi Si-won plays the character of Hye-jin’s direct supervisor, Kim-Shin-hyuk. Shin-hyuk develops a close bond with Hye-jin.

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She Was Pretty Season 1 Recap

She was pretty is a wonderful love story that depicts that long-distance, external beauty or success, money, fame do not affect two people who loved each other for their hearts.

The story shows two childhood friends Kim Hye-jin and Ji Sung-Joon and their life when they studied together. Sung-Joon is an unattractive and chubby boy who is tormented by his classmates and nobody wants to be with him but Hye-jin was the only one who understands what he feels. Hye-jin is a beautiful girl who belongs to a rich family, she is living her life with all comforts. Hye-jin always protect Sung-Joon and be with him when nobody else was. Their connection ends as Sung-Joon moves to the US with his parents. After fifteen years Sung-Joon decide to went back to Korea. In that fifteen years, everything changed Hye-jin has gone through a disastrous and painful transformation. Her father’s publishing company goes bankrupt. Hye-jin has gone through miserable year’s. Now she is an unattractive, unoccupied, low on confidence girl. She is living with her friend Ha-ri who is beautiful, intelligent as well as confident.

Sung-Joon decides to reunite with her best friend and Hye-jin receives Sung-Joon’s email, she is blissful that he still remembers her. She is full of emotions to reunite with her childhood best friend after so many years and odd things. She meets with Sung-Joon, but he doesn’t recognize her and that broke her as she is not that beautiful. On the other side, He is an incredibly confident and very handsome guy. Hye-jin is embarrassed by herself after this encounter with him. She persuades Ha-ri to meet him instead, and pretend that it’s her. Later Ha-ri comes to know that Both of them works in the same. Yet not even knowing her true identity, Sung-Joon starts falling for Hye-jin and things are getting complex.

She Was Pretty Trailer

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