True Story Season 3 Release Date And What To Expect?

TRUE STORY is an Australian tv show created by Hamish Blake, Andy Lee, Tim Bartley. it is a comedy genre show stared by Hamish & Andy. the show was first aired on nine networks on 5 June 2017. it is completely shot in English with no dubs available. there are 2 seasons released yet with a total of 20 episodes each of approx. 50 minutes. it was directed by Wayne hope, sian davies. the show was narrated by Rod mulliniar. true stories has a total rating of 7.8 on IMDB, which is a good rating. this show is not available on Netflix.

True Story Season 3 Release Date

There is no official announcement yet made by the show makers but this does not mean the series has been is also possible that the show may be on a break just like earlier in 2018. because the previous session wasn’t liked much so, the show renewal must be put on hold or maybe the star cast must not be available for the show. we are waiting for any official news or updates related to the show, we will update our content as soon as possible if we get any updates.

True Story Season 3 Cast

the show stars 3 Australian comedians who are:

  • ANDY LEE, andy lee is an 44 australian comedian, childrens writer, tv presenters and musician. he is a stage performer and has done only 2 movies so far including “your call is important” and “Kinta 1881”. but most popularly he is known for his role in true stories with hamish.
  • HAMISH BLAKE is also an australian comedian, he is 39 years old and was born in melbourne. along with comedian he is also an writer, author and actor. he has played roles in few popular movies like “ralph breaks the internet” and two little boys. he has been working with andy since 2012.

True Story Season 2 Recap

True Story Season 3

the show is hosted by comedian duo Hamish and andy, where they used to sit with common, everyday Australians and who recall the entertaining real-life stories that happened with them. these stories were also filmed by the show makers with actors performing in them. the funny real-life stories were very loved by the audiences. season 1 got a good TRP but gradually it got less therefore the season 2 was not much viewed and got very less TRP. season 2 didn’t perform well hence the release of season 3 is very unlikely.

there is no season 3 trailer available for true stories as there is still no announcement made about the release of season 3. if you want to stream true stories rest of the season you can easily watch them on youtube. the show is currently not available on Netflix. true stories trailers for seasons 1 and 2 are also available on youtube to have a look click below.

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