Why Aren’t We Getting Gotham Season 6 Release Date?

Watching the same genre, again and again, seems boring. So if you want to try something different from rom-com, coming of age, or teen comedy then you should go for crime thrillers and actions. The series with such themes will entertain you to the fullest and there will be fewer chances for you to feel bored. The foreign series are available in bulk and choosing the good one from this huge catalog is really difficult. So to make your job easier, we came up with an American series called Gotham.

It has a full pack of action as it includes heroic fights and punches that ultimately lead to some bloody scenes. The crime scenes are terrifying and also comprise some superhero elements. Developed by
Bruno Heller, the show is critically acclaimed and the audience’s reception goes well too. Originally, it was aired on Fox but later on, it was made available to the global audience on Netflix. Gotham was renewed back to back for five seasons and after then we haven’t gone through the news of the arrival of season 6. This has made the fans question its happening. Is Gotham season 6 release date never coming? Did the network cancel the further installments? You just need to read this post to get a clear view of the future of this American series.

Gotham Season 6 Release Date

Gotham Season 6 Release Date

The debut season was released on 22nd September 2014 with its last episode airing on 4th May 2015. Season 1 garnered a large audience and among all the installments, it remained at the top with 7.56 million viewers. Very soon, the broadcasting network, Fox revived the series for the second season that started airing on 21st September 2015 and lasted till 23rd May 2016. People didn’t have to wait for long as the third edition made its way on 19th September 2016 whose last episode dropped on 5th June 2017. Again Fox restored Gotham for season 4 and, on 21st September 2017, we had its first episode.

The latest installment that we have to date premiere in 2019 on 3rd January. This part ended with the final chapter on 25th April 2019. But this season was shorter as compared to all the installments that we had so far. The entire story of Gotham season 5 was concluded in merely 12 episodes but since the day this series started, we got to see 22 episodes in every season and we expected the same further but after its release, it was quite clear that the show brought us to a conclusion in a very short time.

Fans were waiting eagerly for Gotham season 6, now need to gather the strength as we have a piece of disappointing news. It has been officially announced that the series would be ending with its season 5 as the final installment and hence, we are not going to have any further seasons. Also, the spectators have not been provided with any distinctive reason about the Gotham’s finishing. However, we expect it to be the decreasing viewership scale. From the second season itself, the popularity of the series got limited.

Gotham Season 6 Cast

Gotham Season 6 cast

The main cast and characters make up a long list. Donal Logue was in the role of Harvey Bullock, Sean Pertwee appeared as Alfred Pennyworth, Ben McKenzie was portraying the character of James Gordon, Erin Richards was in the series as Barbara Kean, and David Mazouz was starred as Bruce Wayne. Further, Robin Lord Taylor and Cory Michael Smith were in the shoes of Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nygma, respectively. Camren Bicondova joined the cast of Gotham in 2014 as Selina “Cat” Kyle.

In addition to these personalities, the other actors whom we witnessed were in recurring roles. It includes Andrew Stewart-Jones, Chris Chalk, Jessica Lucas, John Doman, Benedict Samuel, Alexander Sidding, and many more.

We could have seen most of the previous actors in their usual roles. The faces which appeared as recurring characters would have also been starred in Gotham season 6.

Gotham Season 6 Plot

The story revolves around the Gotham City police department which is looking for the group of criminals that has made the entire city unsafe for the people. In season 5, all the cliffhangers and left behind questions that we came across and till now, were answered. Although it wrapped up the story in 12 episodes, Gotham season 5 concluded everything well that ultimately led to a scarce possibility of season 6.

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