Is Tommy Smothers Gay?

Thomas Bolun Smothers, famously known as Tommy Smothers is on our radar. This veteran celebrity is among the most famous American musicians out there. From singing to acting, this man is not only highly talented but also very charming and handsome. He is among the integral members of the musical comedy group, which goes under the name of Smothers Brothers. As the name suggests, Tommy and his young brother Dick are the founder members of the group. 

In one word, this man is multi-talented. We have not only seen him as a fabulous comedian, but he has also tried his luck as an athlete. But today we are not focusing on his struggling career! A weird rumor about Tommy Smothers has grabbed our attention. It looks like he is gay. Or should we say the rumors are incorrect? Well, let’s address the questions one by one. On popular demand, here is everything we know about Tommy Smothers’ sexuality.

Is Tommy Smothers Gay?

Is Tommy Smothers Gay?

Before we discuss anything else, let us address the most asked question out there, don’t worry, it’s a one-word answer! We won’t stretch it much as Tommy Smothers is not gay. He had a very active dating life. This man has dated numerous women in his past life and we can’t wait to discuss it all with you. As per our studies, Tommy is currently married to the very gorgeous and talented Hollywood personality, Marcy Carriker. They tied their wedding knot in 1990. 

Before her, Tommy was married to Rochelle Robley. Though their marriage lasted only for a year. Tommy’s first wife happens to be Stephanie R. Shorr. He married her in 1963. Their marriage lasted for only three years! Tommy is currently a father of three beautiful kids. He might have an evergreen dating history but he never dated someone of the same sex. When it comes to his sexuality, we do think he is perfectly straight. 

Even if you review his past dating history, you will never come across an article that says that Tommy Smothers is proven to be gay! All those rumors about his sexuality are linked with his past life, after all, how could we forget about his colorful dating habit, but that doesn’t mean he is gay. We have never seen him flirting with someone of the same sex. It is quite safe to believe that the comedian is not gay. Coming back to his crazy dating history, sources say that he once was seen along with actress Farrah Fawcett. We do think they dated during the late 1960s. That’s not all, the comedian was also seen with singer and theater actress Barbra Streisand.

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Tommy Smothers’ Political Career Destroyed Him?

Is Tommy Smothers Gay?

Tommy Smothers may have failed as a full-time politician, but you cannot overlook the fact that the man has worked heavily in the entertainment industry. Our analysis says Tommy Smothers holds a net worth of $10 million. All the money he owns today has been derived from his intense work in the industry! All the musical comedy skits he did with his brother Dick Smothers are still remembered today. Both of them are still among the best American comedians out there. Besides comedy shows, we have also seen this man in American movies. Unfortunately, due to his political opinions and ideas, he lost a massive chunk of his fanbase. 

His long-established comedy show was soon taken down! The Smothers Brothers were barred. Tommy’s political position surely affected him diversely. The Smothers Brothers were standing on the opposite side of the political issues. Back during the stressful situations, John Lennon was seen beside Tommy Smothers. Initially, Tommy got some support as a political leader! He got the support of some fellow celebrities who were encouraging his political outlook. 

Among these known celebrities, we also had John Lennon on his side. The iconic founder of the musical band named, “Beatles” was supporting Tommy’s party. We have also seen them perform together. When Lennon was recording for his latest single, Give Peace A Chance, Tommy was seen beside him! It looks like he played guitar for John Lennon. Tommy might have received a bit of support from popular celebrities, but he also received heavy hatred from the industry. 

Bill Cosby Tried To Harm Tommy Smothers?

Yes, the news was accurate. The audience was shocked about the fact that Bill Cosby has punched Tommy in the head! The incident occurred somewhere in 1976. Both the prestigious personalities were invited to a playboy mansion party, and out of anger and rage, Bill decided to attack Tommy. It’s quite fair to believe that Tommy had a bright career in the entertainment industry, he should have continued as a comedian! But we all know what ultimately happened to him. His political personality shadowed his career in comedy and music! 

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Tommy Smothers- FAQs

Q1. Is Tommy Smothers married?

Yes, he is married to Marcy Carriker.

Q2. Is everything okay between the Smothers brothers?

No, they said everything would be okay till they don’t talk about the show.

Q3. Was Stever Martin part of Smothers brothers?

Yes, Martin’s first television appearance was on the Smothers brothers’ show.

Q4. What is the profession of Tom Smothers?

He is a comedian.

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