Is Cocaine Cowboys Season 2 Getting A Release Date Soon?

From the very beginning, the consumption of drugs is not considered noxious for health. Smuggling of drugs is a punishable crime and every country has its own rules for a culprit caught in drugs smuggling. Even though the authorities try to cut off this illegal practice, some people succeed in expanding the networks in international markets and establish their control on various drugs that are often stated as banned. Even today, these practices prevail in the entire world especially when it comes to cocaine. For making money and staying in profit, people consider this drug and then the smuggling starts.

In the entire US history, there have been two drug smugglers who built a broad network that provided them with cash, cars, and all types of luxury. They are non-other than Sal Magluta and Willy Falcon. Keeping these personalities as the central characters, a series was released in 2021 titled Cocaine Cowboys: The King of Miami. After the first season, viewers are willing to know about season 2.

Cocaine Cowboys Season 2 Release Date

Cocaine Cowboys Season 2

Season 1 premiered on 4th August 2021 and it was made available on Netflix. The trailer also received high viewership and it was interesting for the people to find about Sal Magluta and Willy Falcon. The first season was satisfying for the makers and hence, they can plan for the next edition. However, on the other side, Netflix has to go through the series’ performance to make an announcement for the renewal. At the time of writing this article, there was no official announcement regarding the further installments. The official team didn’t cancel it either. So, all we can do is wait for any statement to come up. Apart from it, we expect Cocaine Cowboys season 2 to release sometime in 2022 or it may premiere in 2023.

Cocaine Cowboys Season 2 Story

The story revolves around Sal Magluta and Willy Falcon who were high school friends and later on, established a rich empire through drug smuggling. Both of them are known to be accused of smuggling 75 tons of cocaine in the United States around the 1980s. They emerged as Miami’s greatest celebrities and enjoyed different luxuries. These two personalities were very e popular and prominent and South Florida and hence were considered kings of cocaine. Sal Magluta and Willy Falcon were the biggest drug traffickers in US history.

The people of Miami treated them as local heroes. The case of 75 tons of cocaine is considered to be the largest case of drugs ever discovered. Many murders took place in this city but the absence of evidence against these drug traffickers making them free from any arrest. Sal Magluta and Willy Falcon stayed together and shared their wealth. Directed by, Billy Corben, this documentary series consisting of six episodes.
Cocaine Cowboys season 2 might have new events of their lives that will bring in front their planning and will reveal many truths.

Cocaine Cowboys Season 2 Trailer

It is very early to expect a trailer for this season that has not been confirmed yet. Till then, enjoy watching the trailer for season 1 and catch up on the episodes on Netflix.

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