Sons Of Anarchy Season 8 Release Date And Possible Spoilers!

When it comes to action crime drama, no other series could take place of Sons Of Anarchy. Over seven years with seven seasons, this cult series managed to create huge followers and fan base. It’s a given that after streaming so many seasons, fans will evidently crave more. They are patiently waiting to hear some news for season 8, but now, they are losing hope as it’s been already eight years since the last season aired. Is there still a chance for Sons Of Anarchy Season 8 to happen, or the fans should give up? In the post, we have answered all your doubts and also contain some good news and updates with some recaps.

For those who still don’t know, Sons of Anarchy is an American kickass action, crime, and tragedy television series created by Kurt Sutter It follows the lives of a strong fugitive motorcycle club operating in Charming, a fictional town in California’s Central Valley.

Sons Of Anarchy Season 8 Release Date

Sons Of Anarchy Season 8: Happening or not?

This neo-western series has succeeded to bring seven seasons so far. The first season premiered on September 3, 2008, while the last seventh season was released on September 9, 2014. All the season debuted on the cable network FX made a total of 92 episodes. When we talk about the series’ reception and overall, how the seasons performed in the world of entertainment. Then, the third season pulled in an average of 4.9 million weekly viewers, making it FX’s most noteworthy evaluated series at that point, outperforming its different hits The Shield, Nip/Tuck, and Rescue Me. The season 4 and 5 debuts were the two highest-rated broadcasts in FX’s history of broadcast.

After the seventh season, what comes in line is season 8. The network, as well as showrunners, officially declared season 8 canceled long ago and stated to the curious audiences that season 7 is their final last season and there is no plan to bring season 8 in the future. However, some kind of miracle happened when OTT giant Netflix bought the show. But unfortunately, that too was taken down in the year 2018, and finally snatched one last hope from the fans.

So, there will be no Sons Of Anarchy Season 8 Release Date.

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Is Sons Of Anarchy Season 8 Canceled?

The response to why season 8 of Sons Of Anarchy was dropped lies in the old tweets of the maker and the explanation is associated with Disney and Fox’s agreement, alongside Disney dispatching its own OTT stage Disney+. Indeed, this was in talks for quite a while. With Netflix ruling the OTT space, Disney walking in with its substance was a significant blow. Sons Of Anarchy’s crossing out on Netflix as a result of this explanation, as unmistakably clarified by Kurt in his tweets.

Sons Of Anarchy Season 8

Instead of delivering season 8, the creators decided to make a prequel or sequel of the show. In November 2016, FX announced the progress of a spin-off series, titled Mayans M.C., that is centered around the so-called Latino club, which premiered its first season in 2018. The show is running admirably for the time being and is as of now prepared and restored for its third season which will be circulated in the not-so-distant future.

Not only that, after six years later, Kurt Sutter finally answered many rumors that were going around in the lockdown related to the sequel of the Sons Of Anarchy. He replied that there will be two more shows ‘First 9’ and ‘Sam Crow’ which will be taking place in the future.

The first 9 will be a limited series mini-sequel with nine episodes. The show will be set during the 1960s and will incorporate John Teller, who is the father of Charlie Hunnam’s character Jax Teller. The episodes will possibly focus on each founding member of the motorcycle club. Related to the release date of the First 9, there is no official statement revealed yet.

Sons Of Anarchy Season 8 Cast

Sons Of Anarchy Season 8: Cast

The show features some well-known and talented actors including Charlie Hunnam as Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller, Katey Sagal as Gemma Teller Morrow, Mark Boone Junior as Robert ‘Bobby Elvis’ Munson, Tommy Flanagan as Filip ‘Chibs’ Telford, Kim Coates as Alexander “Tig” Trager, Johnny Lewis as Kip ‘Half-Sack’ Epps, Ron Perlman as Clarence ‘Clay’ Morrow, Maggie Siff as Dr. Tara Knowles, Ryan Hurst as Harry ‘Opie’ Winston, William Lucking as Piermont ‘Piney’ Winston. Theo Rossi as Juan-Carlos ‘Juice’ Ortiz, Dayton Callie as Wayne Unser, and many others.

There is no point in predicting the cast members for season 8 as it stands canceled till now and there is no coming back.

Sons Of Anarchy Season 8 Story

Sons Of Anarchy Season 8 Release Date

Each season included parallel plotlines that entwine and overlap, focusing on both the personal and day-to-day family life of Jackson “Jax” Teller and SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original). SAMCRO is associated with firearm running in the western United States, and manages rival groups, legislators, and specialists. As VP and later leader of SAMCRO, Jax battles to deal with the club and the tradition of its originator, his late father John Teller. He is as often as possible at chances with his stepfather, Clay Morrow, who has assumed control over the club since John’s passing and is likewise now hitched to Jax’s mother and John’s widow, Gemma Teller Morrow. Jax likewise wrestles with his relations with his secondary school lover, Tara Knowles, and his best companion and friend, Opie Winston.

Sons Of Anarchy Season 8 Trailer

There will be no trailer we will get any time as season 8 officially stands canceled. But here is the trailer of season 7 in case you’ve missed the thriller and action of the show and wanted to have a look again.

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