Hinamatsuri Season 2 Release date and possible Spoilers

It’s been a long time since we saw Hinamatsuri and the fact the manga is being published to date. After a long period, there is some exciting news for the die-hard fans of Hinamatsuri. Back in 2018 when The anime debuted on Netflix there was an international commotion as the incredible storyline was something that compelled the audience to naturally crave for a season 2. And in fact, after so many years of publishing the Manga, the source material has been gathered on top of a pile that there can be several more seasons that can come in the future. Let’s jump straight into the news we’ve got for you for the Hinamatsuri season 2 release date.

Hinamatsuri Season 2 release date

Recently a tweet came out of one of the voice artists who said that the series will be in making pretty soon after the 19th Volume of the Manga was ready and as of now the manga has already been on sale since 2020. There is a high possibility that the anime will be announced pretty soon by Studio Feel as all the source material has been collected.

As Netflix is rolling out its best collection recently and moreover, there was a youtube Live session that was held in early June, Where most of the upcoming anime had been disclosed there was a part where the anchors did not reveal some of the shows and kept them a secret. As the shows were in Making and had not been officially signed on.

Hinamatsuri Season 2 will be released in late 2021. As the Source material is ready with 19 volumes already in The Public Domain, Studio Feel might start working on it anytime soon. Although the approved announcement by the makers is yet to be made. But we can be sure after the massive hit of season one Hinamatsuri season 2 will make a huge comeback on Netflix.

How many volumes are in Hinamatsuri

There have been a total of 19 Volumes as of now the recent one made it’s the announcement last year, the writer and illustrator Masao Ōtake has been publishing the manga series two times each year, Although there were some delay’s at times the manga is compiled with a total of 19 Volumes till 2021.

In season one, the storyline of about 47 chapters was utilized but there were many instances where the manga chapters were skipped. These 47 Chapters only consumed nine volumes and even after skipping a few chapters managed to roll out a fresh set of 12 episodes in the first season.

Talking about the Hinamatsuri season 2 there is more than double source material in the manga and can possibly of more than 12 episodes even if the Studio decides to skip a few chapters.

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Hinamatsuri season one recap and season 2 Spoilers as per the Manga

Season one had a marvelous storyline that was captivating in every way. The story is about a Blunt middle-aged guy Yoshifumi Nitta who is abandoned and lost in his own world. He is completely frustrated with whatever he has and stays in his apartment for a long time frustrated with his life. One day While he was in his apartment a girl suddenly appears in front of him. She is none other than Hina the main protagonist of the show. How did Hina appear in his flat is just a mystery for Yoshifumi Nitta but later on he realizes the whole scenario!

Hina is not just a girl she is a girl with superpowers or Supernatural Abilities of Psychokinetic Powers. These powers have the strength to make someone’s Physical body move without touching them. It’s just the strength of the mind that helps her and super soon Yoshifumi Nitta realizes that now he has to be her so-called father as Hina had nowhere to go.

Just as she arrives in his flat the story starts to take a steep turn where there are various girls hopping up from the future to take Hina back as she did not belong to that timeline and now the chase begins. There are a lot of fights where Hina uses her psychic abilities to restrain herself from attacking people and more or less she wants to stay with his so-called father Yoshifumi Nitta.

There is another instance where As Hina arrives at the timeline things start to take a turn around in the city where there are people who get affected Because of a Chain reaction that did not belong to the Timeline.

In season 2 of Hinamatsuri, things will become normal as everything came back to track in season one itself. According to the Manga Hina is now staying with his father Yoshifumi Nitta in a new place and has grown up. She even does a part-time job as she is a High School Grad. In season 2 Yoshifumi Nitta’s story will affect the plot as he belonged to a Thug group now the group is after him running in the Chase while Hina is a grown-up and Yoshifumi Nitta has fatherly responsibilities towards her.

In season 2 we will witness Hina making a new boyfriend Hitoshi Maeda and there will be action romance and Orfcource Comedy in season 2 of Hinamatsuri. We’ll have to wait for the Studio to make a green signal about the release of the anime so that the people can live off happily who have been waiting for a season 2 for a while.

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