2021 Worst Rated Movies of Bollywood Rated By IMDb

Like 2020,2021 also affected all the fields, be it education, cinema world, etc. This coronavirus pandemic hit so hard that the livelihood of the common man affected in so many ways. But despite this pandemic, Bollywood overcomes this obstacle and release most of the movies on OTT Platforms. Sometimes famous actors’ movies didn’t fulfill the expectations and rated worst on different film review platforms. What happens actually the trailer fixed our expectations and we plan according to it and when it didn’t perform well the movie reviews hit hard. In this article, we have explained the 2021 Worst Bollywood Movies rated by IMDb.

Here is the list of 2021 Worst Bollywood Movies rated by IMDb

There were numerous movies to watch. But that doesn’t mean all of them have good ratings.

Coolie No.1

IMDB Rating – 1.3

Karishma Kapoor and Govinda created this movie. In its sequel where Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali khan were in the main lead. It was released this Friday only. It was very disappointing as it doesn’t even meet the level of distinction. The plot actually revolves around a matchmaker bringing a good match for a businessman daughter but he rejected his proposal and insulted him to. Then he decided to make a rich man a potter and somehow match their relation and get them married and in this way he too hs revenge.

Sadak 2

IMDB Rating – 1.1

Sadak 2

Sadak 2 was full of popular and experienced actors like Sanjay Dutt, Alia Bhatt, and Aditya Roy Kapoor. But despite of a very excellent cast, it faced failure at the box office. This movie currently having the tag of the Worst Rated Bollywood Movies by IMDb of all times. Well, Sadak 2 is a movie based on Love, loss, and revenge. Aarya the character played by Alia Bhatt was actually on a mission because she wanted to expose the person Gyan Prakash whom she thinks is responsible for her mother’s death. She made a plan and took help from taxi driver too to fulfill her plan and accomplish her mission.

Indoo Ki Jawani

IMDb Rating – 1.4

After Kiara’s performance in Kabir Singh and some more superhits, she was already set to fly high in the upcoming movies. But the plot used in Indoo Ki Jawani didn’t suit Kiara. It was disliked by fans and so the rating received by the movie is the final reaction which was very disappointing. This movie basically describes the life of a typical Indian girl who was in a relationship, with her love who demanded to bring their relationship further physically and become one but Kiara refused his approach as she was of the type of people where she only wanted to have a physical relationship only after marriage.

Baaghi 3

IMDb Rating – 2.1

There was nothing new in the 3rd part of Baaghi. Though it earned a profit, it was not that impressive and not appreciated by critics and viewers. The plot was similar to the first 2 parts that’s why it didn’t grab much attention from the audience and got a rating below the expectation level. The story revolves around two brothers Vikram and Ronnie. Their bond can’t be explained in words . Ronnie was comparatively short-tempered and can do and fight in any manner for his brother in any situation.

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IMDb Rating – 2.3

2021 Worst Rated Movies

After the trailer of the Akshay Kumar starrer film Laxmii trailer released, it attracted every age group due to the theme of the movie. It was totally disliked by the audience. It depicted the story of a transgender ghost which was not as per the expectations. The trailer was a superhit but this movie didn’t entertain as it was expected. The story revolves around Asif, his wife, and supernatural powers. He once went to his wife’s place where he was su[pposed to go to a garden and there he was possessed by a spirit of some transgender. The pot was quite not suitable as the trailer was a superhit and didn’t fulfill the audience’s expectations.

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