When El Dragon Season 3 is Returning on Netflix?

The last two seasons of El Dragon went very well and managed to established some great responses and many records as well. The first season immensely successful and got placed itself in the top 10 most-watched programs on Netflix in Mexico. The fans are now demanding to see El Dragon season 3 and they need to know if season 3 is coming or not? Through this post, let’s find out if El Dragon Season 3 is coming or not? If yes, then what’s the premiere date, cast, plot, and everything.

El Dragón: Return of a Warrior or simply known as El Dragon, is originally a Spanish television series of the crime genre. Its first season debuted on September 30, 2019, and concluded on November 22, 2019, with 38 episodes. When the first season ended, the makers released the second season on November 25, 2019. After delivering 44 episodes, the series ended on January 20, 2020. Both seasons came out first in the United States on a network named Univision but it was available worldwide to stream on Netflix.

El Dragon Season 3 Release Date

El Dragon Season 3 Premiere Date

The previous seasons where we can see lots of common issues like murder, drugs, illegal activities, and insistent practices finished airing not long ago. Therefore, it’s too soon to confirm that the third season coming or not. Apparently, there is no news going around regarding this. But if makers decide to do the third part of the El Dragon, or if production and filming start to work in the present year, then it is possible that we can get the third season either by the end of 2021 or early 2022 also keeping in mind that all the filming and production work is currently in halt due to COVID pandemic.

As of now, there is no El Dragon Season 3 Release Date.

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El Dragon Season 3 Story

El Dragon Season 3 Expected Plot

The series rotates around the male protagonist Miguel Garza. His personality is exceptionally attractive and mysterious which draws anyone towards him. Not only he is charming, but also an intellectual and a successful businessman. He holds confidence that everything and everybody revolves around him, no one can compete him against his charms. As the show progresses, we see a great deal of change and self-awareness in his character.

In the last season, Miguel comes to know that his grandfather experiences Alzheimer’s illness. Following this, Lamberto makes Miguel see that he should deal with the privately-owned company, and not just that, that he has 24 hours to choose whether or not to accept the circumstances as a head of the family union. He acknowledges the situation as a test since he feels that he can transform the privately-run company into something different, such as in bringing in cash course throughout the world to make huge legitimate monetary speculations.

The third season will most probably be a focus on Miguel’s business and the difficulties that set in his way. We can also see a lot of Italian Mafias and Russians introducing methods of unlawful and illegal work for him. On the way, Miguel will battle for his position and try to accomplish his fulfillment nonetheless. We can expect to see 38-44 episodes to stream for the further third season.

El Dragon Season 3 Cast

El Dragon Season 3 Cast and Crew

The series is created by Arturo Pérez-Reverte for Televisa and Univision. Direction is done by Alvaro Curiel de Icaza alongside Mauricio Cruz Fortunato, Carlos Cok Marín, and Pavel Vázquez. A wide cast members of the series include Sebastián Rulli as Miguel Garza, Roberto Mateos as Epigmenio Moncada, Renata Notni as Adela Cruz, Irina Baeva as Jimena Ortiz, Manuel Balbi as Héctor Bernal, Cassandra Sánchez Navarro as Chisca Garza, Javier Gómez as Carlos Duarte, Sofía Castro as Kenia, Alejandro Ávila as inspector Toledo, Juan Pablo Gil as Jorge Garza, Mauricio Pimentel as Peligros, Alex Durán as Ishiro, Tanaka, Edison Ruíz as Tacho, Mauricio Pimentel as Peligros, Natasha Domínguez as Claudia, Rubén Sanz as Valentín Soria, José Elías Moreno as Lamberto Garza, and lastly Cynthia Klitbo as Dora Garza.

Since there is confirmation has been made regarding the release date of the third season yet, so we can’t tell you the exact cast member who will be going to appear in the forthcoming season. Though we can expect that the cast who already appeared in the last two seasons can reprise their roles and characters in the third season also. And that’s what we hope too because the viewers loved the cast and their performance in the previous seasons.

El Dragon Season 2 Preview

We already mentioned above that Netflix hasn’t given any hint of news concerning the third season of El Dragon, therefore there isn’t any teaser or preview available anywhere to show you. While we hope and wait for the next third season to come soon, up until then, do enjoy the last two previous seasons if you haven’t yet.

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