Is paatal lok a real story? Here is Everything You Need To know

In Indian Mythology and literature, it was said that in this universe swarg lok, Prithvi Lok, and Paatal Lok exist. In which swarg Lok consists as the land of god where heaven exists. Secondly, Prithvi Lok consist of human beings and lies between the swarg lok and at the end Paatal Lok which means the world under the earth, it is more seems like a fairy world for the today’s man, consisting all kind of beautiful places, rock elements and everything is given a realism but in actually it’s a kind of illusion. Based on this an Indian series took place named “PAATAL LOK” which is based on true happenings. Fundamentally, Paatal lok was based on the book “The Story of my Assassins” written by Tarun J. Tejpal, an Indian journalist (TV anchor).

This book involves the tier of a journalist who crams that the police have seized 5 Killers on the way to kill him. By attaining the successful or we say a comfortable lifestyle, he started an affair with a woman which leads to a part of the case, the summary heads-up him to investigate an urgent investigation about the survives of his aspirant assassins.

But the during the investigation he realizes that the case forces him to revise his livelihood,
now there is a question that arises in the mind of the audience, how Paatal Lok is inspired by true events or so book “The story of my assassins”?

Recently, Amazon Prime released a crime thriller show named “PAATAL LOK”, which is now one of the streaming shows on amazon prime. Directed and written by Sudip Pal and produced by Anushka Sharma. Chiefly, Delhi police arrested 5 killers in the murder case of the journalist Tarun j Tejpal, whereas the senior management of the police department handover the case of murder to the struggling person Hathi ram.

The story has 2 conspiracies one revolves around Delhi journalist Sanjeev Mehra and another revolves around inspector Hathi Ram. Generally, all characters are inspired by fiction as Hathi ram played a main and iconic role in the series. On the other hand, murder is done by merciless killer Vishal Tyagi who played the role in real life as Thupinder Tyagi. He is a serious criminal who has done all the crimes under the hand of a powerful Bihari politician. Basically, journalist founds for the intelligence behind the 5 murderers, the story takes a twist and turns in very radical ways. So “PAATAL LOK” is closely inspired by Tarun J. Tejpal’s livelihood, in which Sanjeev Mehra cast as a journalist, Jaideep Alhawat as Hathi ram and the villain is Vishal Tyagi who is also inspired by real-life character Bhupinder Tyagi. From the story of “PAATAL LOK” we got the example of the 3 worlds as mentioned above and the benevolent about the 4 slaughterers.

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Who is Sanjeev Mehra In Real Life?

paatal lok real story

He was the main cast of the story. Neeraj Kabi was appointed as Sanjeev Mehra in Paatal Lok. This character is encouraged by Tarun J. Tejpal who writes the book “the story of my assassins”. Tarun is an Indian journalist, novelist, and chief editor in Telhka magazine. He was born in Jalandhar and now he was accused on bail in 2013 and also charged under the rape case and other charges.

Who is Hathi Ram in Real Life?

paatal lok hathi ram

Jaideep Alhawat was assigned to perform the role of Hathi Ram in “PAATAL LOK”.
Jaideep Alhawat is a very talented actor. He enjoyed his role during the script. Hathi ram was the character in real life.

As we can say that “Paatal Lok” is a real story which is encouraged by the Delhi journalist Tarun Tejpal’s book in 2009 “the story of my assassins”. The story also highlights the major issues in the country that is poverty, corruption, political power, undeveloped fields, and many more. This story gives you a slot of crime-thriller look and also tells about the “LOK” which connects to real life.

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