When We Can Expect Cliffhanger Drama Release Date?

Cliffhanger is a forthcoming South Korean television-based drama series starring Jun Ji-Hyun, Ju Ji-hoon, Sung Dong-il, and Oh Jung-Se in lead roles. It was planned to premiere on TVN in 2021 and will be accessible for worldwide streaming through iQIYI. The story of the forthcoming show Cliffhanger follows against the background of dominating views of Mount Jiri. The show portrays the tale of all the rangers and other workers of the Jirisan National Park who climb through the secretive and unknown regions of the mountain, attempting to protect the survivors and lost trekkers. The drama is centered around a contradiction surrounding the mountain’s many visitors; those who come to kill, and those who come to end their existence. Hence, this post will let you know everything about the Cliffhanger Drama Release Date and more recent updates.

Cliffhanger is still filming. The introductory outdoor shoot was held on October 29. Production was stopped on December 8, 2020, due to the increase of COVID-19 cases in South Korea. Filming is scheduled to be finalized in June 2021 and Cliffhanger will be the primary television show to be filmed at Jirisan National Park. 

Cliffhanger Drama Release Date Details

Right now, it’s complicated to say when we could expect to watch a Cliffhanger as it’s not yet been officially announced yet we have to wait for a while. Probably we may watch the show late in 2021. As of now, it is confirmed that the show will have a total of 16 episodes and will stream on Saturday and Sunday.

Cliiffhanger Drama trailer

Cliffhanger Plot : What to Expect?

Set in Mount Jiri, the story of Cliffhanger revolve around a squad of rangers and other workers of the Jirisan National Park on a task to save missed trekkers and survivors as well. A mystery and thrill are enclosing the unknown regions of Mount Jiri and its many visitors, left for the rescue crew to solve. Seo Yi Kang was the park’s main ranger who has considerable experience in navigating Mount Jiri National Park. She has experience when it comes to finding out lost individuals. She later comes to be Kang Hyun Jo’s partner. Kang Hyun Jo is featured as a Rookie National Park ranger and Seo Yi Kang’s partner as mentioned. He is a military academy graduate, an ex-Lieutenant who encountered a horrific occurrence on Mount Jiri which instructed him to become a ranger.

Additionally, he has a dark secret too. Jung Goo Young is a logical ranger who has the opinion of taking care of himself before others. A person who finishes off all his vacation days and leaves work on the dot, leaving right before dismissal. Jo Dae Jin is the chief of the Haedong Branch Office in Mount Jiri National Park. Jo Dae Jin has decided been a ranger at National park for half of his life. Hence got nickname “Mount Jiri Man”. He is a simple, honest man who is fully devoted to his duty and takes accountability for his junior rangers.

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Cliiffhanger Drama Release Date

Cliffhanger Drama Cast

On March 3, 2020, it was published that Jun Ji-Hyun was in conversations to star in Kim Eun-hee’s new television series. On September 4, Ju Ji-hoon was confirmed by the producers to star alongside Jun. Sung Dong-il and Oh Jung-Se officially enlisted the main cast on September 10.

Jun Ji Hyun characterised as Seo Yi Kang alongside Joo Ji Hoon is featured ad Kang Hyun Jo, Sung Dong-Il as Jo Dae Jin, Oh Jung Se featured as Jung Goo Young, Jun Suk Ho shown as Kim Woong Soon, Go Min Shi as Lee Da Won, Jo Han Chul stared as Park Il Hae, Lee Ga Sub as Kim Sol, Joo Min Kyung featured as Lee Yang Sun, Kim Young Ok starring as Lee Moon Ok, Yoon Ji On as Se Wook

Cliffhanger Trailer : Any Cliffhanger Trailer Leads Yet?

As of now, there are no words for the updates of the show, when we will catch the glimpse of the show alongside the release date we will update here. The trailer hasn’t just been released yet, though it started filming, so it’ll take some time for the announcement of trailer and other details conformations.

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