Is Kaafir Season 2 Release Date Revealed?

Kaafir Season 2 Release Date: Kaafir is a 2019 Indian television-based series directed by Sonam Nair. Written by Bhavani Iyer, the show follows Kainaaz Akhtar, a woman from Pakistan-administered Kashmir who winds up on the Indian side of the Line-of-Control (LOC) and is held prisoner under the anxiety of being a militant. After giving delivery to a child while spending seven years in custody, Kainaaz and her daughter are assisted by an Indian journalist, who strives to bring them justice. Starring Dia Mirza and Mohit Raina all 8 episodes released on 15 June 2019 on the well-known streaming platform named ZEE5.

In the show, which goes live on ZEE5 from Saturday, Dia begins a young Pakistani mother who reaches India under an unusual series of situations and is powerless to go back home. The show revolves around the connection between the woman, who is blamed for belligerence, and a journalist-turned-lawyer (Mohit Raina) who gives rise to her justice his sole objective.
As an actor, she announced, getting to work on a series like this – a real story is a “once in a lifetime opportunity”.

Will Dia Mirza Come Back In Kaafir Season 2?

Looks like the hit web show ‘Kaafir’ that had Dia Mirza and Mohit Raina in leading positions will get a second life as producer-director Siddharth Malhotra is in deliberation for its second season.

kaafir season 2
Dia Mirza Coming Back?

On her judgment to play a Pakistani character, Dia announced here: “This show is attempting to address the racism that we have in our society. When people inquire me, ‘Weren’t you afraid of playing a Pakistani character in this web show?’ I say that I realize that our show is striving to question that fear and we are trying to eliminate that fear from people’s minds.

“I feel truly pleased and happy to be part of this show which addresses humanity and I wish that people will understand and appreciate our effort. There is a problem all over the world that we watch people from tragic lenses which comprise lenses of civilization, country, and caste and I believe these are very unfortunate paths to view humanity. We shouldn’t be biased against people because of religion, caste, or place that they belong to.

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Kaafir Season 2

Producer-director Siddharth Malhotra’s recent web series Kaafir took the viewers by storm for its compelling and emotional storyline besides some strong acting. The web dhow streamed on ZEE 5 as mentioned before and earned immense affection from the audience.

kaafir season 2 release date
Kaafir Season 2 Release Date

From what we hear, the achievement of the show has got Malhotra scheduling a sequel. Although the maker was not available to comment, references say that part 2 is already in talks. The casting has not yet been confirmed but the storyline is almost in order. The same source adds that Malhotra has been motivated by another real story and schedules to make Kaafir 2 along the lines. Part 2 of ‘Kaafir’ also promises to be severe.

Siddharth Malhotra has ever set the bar high in every undertaking he has taken on. He explored new genres with shows like Dil Mil Gaye as well as Sanjivani. The film ‘Hichki’, featuring Rani Mukerji in the lead role enjoyed a profitable run at the box office and is one of Malhotra’s best investments.

Kaafir Season 2 Release Date

Kaafir franchise not renewed the show for season 2 we have to wait for a while for season 2. No official announcement made regarding the kaafir season 2 release date not announced yet. The Director and producers of the show are still silent about the second installment of the show. But surely season 2 of the kaafir going to hit on zee5 platforms soon. Season one of the show is available on Zee5 Anybody can watch the series on zee5.

Kaafir Season 2 Release Date has not been announced officially!

 Kaafir Season 2 Cast

All the favorite characters are set to come back again. Dia Mirza as Kainaaz Akhtar (Pakistani lady), Mohit Raina is all set to come back as Vedant Rathod, Dara Sandhu as Rafique as well as Abhiroy Singh as Dhruv Rathod and Suhail Sidhwani as Veer Rathod along with Dishita Jain as Seher.

The page will be updated as soon as Kaafir Season 2 Release Date is announced!

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