How many hashtags to use on Instagram? Here’s The Answer.

How many hashtags to use on Instagram: These days Instagram has been a very popular social media among everyone. Most population of the world has been active on Instagram. The main purpose of this app was to share or post pictures. But now the app has been updated and new features had been released while keeping the demand of the users in mind. The main series which had been evolved on the internet as we already know that social media has taken the internet to the next level to grow on social media people have started using the hashtag. The hashtag has been used with the keyword for e.g.: #partytime, #weekend. The hashtag helps the user to grow their followers. The main purpose of the usage of the hashtag is that it categorizes the posts on social media.

Things we need to know about Hashtag

  • Do hashtags work on Instagram anymore?
  • Do hashtags help on Instagram?
  • How do you add hashtags on Instagram?
  • How many hashtags should I use on Instagram?
  • Do hashtags work on Instagram 2020?
  • Is it bad to use too many hashtags on Instagram?

Do hashtags work on Instagram anymore?

These are the major questions for those who are regularly active on Instagram and for those who are struggling to be the internet sensational. Yes, hashtags work on Instagram very effectively. Using hashtags in your Instagram posts helps you to categorize your post in a certain category. The category will help your post to visible in the category of keyword that has been used with the hashtag series. Use of hashtag helps the user to get more followers, and also help in improving your engagement rate of the post. The hashtag series is very useful for the accounts or the users that build their business or brand on Instagram.

Does hashtag help on Instagram?

For the users who are trying to grow their brands and their business on Instagram hashtag has been considered very helpful for them. It helps them to gain their followers and helps them to grow their brands on Instagram. To be successful using the hashtag or to grow your brands or businesses online we need to be very strategic with when to use hashtags and where to use hashtags and with what to use hashtags. The use of hashtags helps your post to expand and reach out to those who are not even following you. In order to know that how we should add hashtags on Instagram is completely a different story.

How to add hashtags on Instagram?

In order to know how to use the hashtag and which hashtag is needed to grow your business or brand, we should need to discover that it is not compulsory that we should only use the most popular hashtags that have been used many times and have millions of lives and comments on it. We should know that hashtag should be small and need to have the niche of the product or what the user needs to describe. There are the following steps that need to be performed:

  • Take or upload the photo of the product or yourself which you need to grow.
  • Choose the filter you need to add to the product or photo. It is not compulsory to add the filter to the photo.
  • Tap into the write the caption part to add the caption into your post and type #along with the keyword (text) or emoji. (#love, #flower, #goodvibes).
  • Then share your post.

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If we need to grow our account, we should keep in mind that our account should not be private because sometimes it may not give a good impression to the followers who want to follow you.
How many hashtags should I use?

This is the question that had been popping out in the user’s mind. Just to break it we can add up to 30 hashtags in our regular post and near about 10 hashtags on a story. If we try to include more hashtags in our post or story beyond the limit the post will not be posted in the account. The Instagram app said there is no right number of hashtags that need to be added to your post. But up to 11 hashtags in a post seems to be good in number to start with. According to research, the number of hashtags that have been used in the Instagram post is just 1 and 3.

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Do hashtags work on Instagram in 2020?

As we already know that 2020 was a very rough period for everyone due to COVID-19. In this pandemic, according to researches, the consumption of Instagram and other social media sites has been doubled. So, during this period of time hashtag was definitely working on Instagram. It was not being disabled ever in the meantime. In fact, there have been various hashtags that had become most popular in 2020 with maximum usage in the posts. Such as: #love, #instagoo, #beautiful, #follow and many more.

Is it bad to use too many hashtags on Instagram?

Using too many Instagram in your post makes the post looks spammy which as a user we really do not want. There have been limits set by the owners with the use of hashtags on Instagram posts and Instagram stories. Just to increase the follower some of the users get crazy with the use of hashtags. #tagging #everything #inthe #post #is #easy but it will not help us in increasing the followers it will make our post looks spammy. We won’t be able to get the engaged followers for our posts. Instead of posting a spammy post we should discover or tends to put ourselves in using the popular and small hashtags which should describe our emotions or products (if we are using for the business purpose) such as #love, #sunkissed, #technology, #education, etc. The short and appropriate hashtags will help us to grow and increase our follower

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