Best Apps To Transfer Files From Your Android To PC

Data transfer between mobile to mobile is a piece of cake. But do you also think that when it comes to transferring files from your Android phone to your Laptop or computer or vice versa is a tedious or difficult task or How to Transfer Files From Your Android To PC? If so, then you’re wrong. In this article, we are going to discuss some apps and other ways with which you can transfer files between your android devices and computer with ease. By using below you can transfer anything like presentation, music, documents, images, etc.


1. AirDroid

Best Apps And Other Ways To Transfer Files From Your Android To PC!

AirDroid is one of the best and popular apps to transfer your files from PC to Android or vice-versa. With file transfer, it also offers some features too. You can receive and send MMS/SMS from your PC, you can access your device notification. You can use apps, control the camera and even locate your mobile with this app when it gets lost.

However, this is a freemium app i.e. basic features are available to use for free but to use advanced features you have to purchase a subscription that follows $1.99 per month, $19.99 per year, $38.99 per two years.

Pushbullet is an alternative for AirDroid which does things in the same manner, but a little expensive.

2. Feem v4

Feem is another app on the list which does one thing perfectly. It transfers data or files between devices (includes mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers, or whatever you can imagine)  which are connected with the same WiFi.

You just have to install Feen on every device between which you have to transfer your files. From there you can transfer anything you want between your devices easily.

Moreover, it’s free and the WiFi does not need to be connected to the internet in actuality. It is only there to create a local network between your devices. A better, faster, cheaper, and easier way to do your thing.

ShareIt is another alternative for Feem which does things in the same manner.

3. Resilio Sync

Best Apps And Other Ways To Transfer Files From Your Android To PC!

Rosillo Sync is an alternative to the Cloud Storage method, somehow it works similarly to Cloud Storage but with a catch. With this app, your device acts as cloud storage and you can Sync your device with each other and can transfer data and files between your devices. It’s a much secure option as your data is never on a cloud server. It’s just like your mobile phone and other devices talking mutually.

Besides, this application is completely free without any ads and in-app purchases. Thus this option is one of those you should use first.

4. Xender

Moving to next we have Xender. It is one of the most popular applications when it comes to filing sharing. You can use this application as an alternative to Feem. It connects your mobile phone with other devices over a WiFi connection and transfer file. Xender supports Macs, Pcs, Android, iOS, and even Tizen.

It also offers other features like it converts video to an audio file and can be used to download Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook videos.

Talking about its performance, then it is an average app as this either works perfectly and gives you exceptional results or does not work at all and cause headaches to you, but yeah it’s free then you can give it a try.

5. Droid Transfer

Droid Transfer provides ease with an intuitive interface for file transfer between your android device and PC. You can even browse, copy, delete or add files to and from your Android device on your PC.

To use this first you have to install Droid Transfer software on your PC and Transfer Companion App on your android (link of both is provided below). Scan the QR of Droid Transfer software with Transfer Companion App to make a connection between your devices. Now to add files from your Android to PC, select all the files and press  “Copy to PC” in Droid Transfer. And for PC to Android Transfer, click on add files in Droid Transfer a d choose all the files you want to transfer.

Droid Transfer:

Transfer companion app:

6. Cloud Storage

Best Apps And Other Ways To Transfer Files From Your Android To PC!

Moving to next, Cloud Storage is an excellent method to do data transfer between your devices. There’s a variety of cloud storage available like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive,, etc. These cloud services are supported by almost every mobile and PC operating systems. Cloud services allow you to upload your files from any device. And then you can access those uploaded files from any device.

But keep one thing in mind. While using these cloud services your data will be stored externally, so there’s might some security risks are there. But cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox comes from a good background and has proper technical support.

These cloud services provide some free storage initially but after that, you have to pay for more storage.

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Other Non- app ways to transfer file From your Android to PC

If the above-mentioned application is not a matter of your interest then we also have some other ways to get your files transferred.

1. Bluetooth

When we have nothing we have Bluetooth. When we have nothing, we have Bluetooth. All these things just came, we had Bluetooth first for file transfer between devices. Indeed, Bluetooth is not so fast and efficient but it’s nothing less. If your laptop or PC is Bluetooth enabled or you have a Bluetooth dongle then you can pair your phone with your other Bluetooth-enabled devices easily. It is quite obvious that transfer speed is low but if you have no other choice then this is also good.

2. USB On-The-Go

USB On-The-Go or USB OTG cable allows you to connect your devices with all the USB devices like external flash drives or hard drives. Using this you can transfer your files to hard drives from your mobiles or to mobile from hard drives. Also, keep in mind that hard drives and flash drives are quite expensive.

3. Share to email

Best Apps And Other Ways To Transfer Files From Your Android To PC!

Well, this method is only suitable for small files like photos or documents as one email allows maximum attachments of 25MB only. You can send an email containing your files to another email and that file remains in your inbox and you can download that file on any of your devices that support emails.

4. Use your data/charging cable

Ok, so this the most simple and basic method to transfer your data between your handsets and PC. Just connect one end of your charging cable with your mobile and another with your PC, click on allow file transfer, and BOOM you can transfer almost everything between your devices with a considerably fast speed.

5. Use a micro SD card

You can transfer files with a micro SD card just like flash drivers. Use your file manager application and put all the data you want to share on the SD card. Then remove that SD card from your phone and with the use of an adapter or card reader you can connect your SD with your computer’s USB drive.

How to Transfer files from your Android tablet to PC?

You can use the above-discussed apps to transfer files back and forth between your android tablet and PC. But still, if you’re getting a problem with file transfer with the above apps then we have another solution for you.

The most versatile method to do file transfer between your android tablet and PC or laptop is by using WiFi and a browser. When your tablet and computer are connected with the same WiFi then you can easily transfer files between the two by only installing the WiFi File Transfer app to your tablet.

You can create a local network of all your devices with this which is one of the best features of it. With this, you can upload and download files on any of your devices without any headache.

This app is available in free as well as paid version. In the free version, you just have to compromise with one thing that you can’t upload files larger than 5 MB. Pro version costs only 1.40 USD, but it is value for money if you have some serious data and files transfer work.

Features of WiFi File Transfer:

Hotspot mode supported.

Access to USB storage and external SD cards.

Can be run in the background.

Shortcuts of directories, photos, videos, and music can be created.

Password protected.

Modification of files like delete, cut, copy, paste,  rename, zip, or unzip can be done.

Can upload an entire folder ( Google Chrome only)

Can download and upload multiple files at the same time.


You can download any of the versions for the above-mentioned link or from the Google Play Store.

After the completion of the installation, you can find the application icon in your app drawer.

How to Use

As we told you earlier that all your devices must be connected to the same WiFi networks. Once you have done this run the WiFi File Transfer tool and then click the ‘Start’ button to start the file transfer feature.

After this, you will be given the IP address and port from which you can connect with your desktop browser. Direct any browser to this address: port combination and you will see a user-friendly interface.

How to set a password

Follow the below-mentioned steps to set a password for your network and devices.

1. Start the application

2. Click on the ‘Settings’ button

3. Click on ‘Access Password’

4. Set a password

5. Click on ‘Ok’

Now whenever anyone directs their browser towards that address: port, they will have to enter the password to get access.

Final Words!

Thus you can use any of the above applications or methods to achieve your file transfer between your android device and others as per your need. Roughly they all offer you the same features for free and you can even purchase a premium version of them to make your work hazel free. But always be sure that choose a medium that is safe because your data is precious to you and you can not bear the misuse of that data from an unauthentic third person.

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