When To Expect Youth Of May Season 2 Release Date?

Since 2021, whenever we talk about Korean drama series “Youth Of May” has been one none could miss mentioning, and truly, those who have already watched the first season of the show, already know how amazing this series is and how much of an impact it can have on a person. When it comes IMDb … Read more

Sell Your Haunted House Season 2 Release Date And All Other Updates!

Ain’t something like an exorcism, quite scary and intriguing at the same time? However, the makers of this show, have taken a different approach towards the project and tried to convey the whole idea of exorcism in a much more funny approach, though some scenes may end up giving you goosebumps, something that we can … Read more

When To Expect Work Later Drink Now Season 2 Release Date?

Work Later Drink Now Season 2 Release Date

Work Later, Drink Now (RR: Sulkkundoshiyeojadeul; lit. Drinker City Women) is a Korean web series starring Han Sun-Hwa, Lee Sun Bin, Jung Eun Ji, and Choi Si Won. It premiered on TV on October 22, 2021, based on the Kakao Webtoon Drinker City Women by Mikkang. On December 15, 2021, TVING confirmed that the series … Read more

Is Yumi’s Cells Season 3 Release Date Out Or Cancelled?

South Korean television program Yumi’s Cells debuted in 2021. Lee Sang-yeob was the director of this grand tale. It is a cell-based psychological romance that explores Yumi’s daily existence as an everyday office worker through the perspective of the cells in her head and is based on the same-named webtoon. On September 17, 2021, tvN … Read more

Coffee And Vanilla Season 5 Release Date And Related Updates!

Takara Akegami is the author of the Japanese comic series Coffee & Vanilla. Since June 2015, Coffee & Vanilla has been published in the monthly josei manga publication Cheese! From July 5 to September 6, 2019, a live-action television drama adaptation aired. Although Risa Shiragi is a well-liked student at her university and is well-known … Read more

Backstreet Rookie Season 2 Release Date Arriving Or Cancelled?

Ji Chang-Wook and Kim Yoo-Jung are the main characters in the 2020 South Korean TV program Backstreet Rookie. It is based on Hwalhwasan’s Convenience Store Seat-by webtoon from 2016–2017. This is the first Korean series to be supported by Lifetime, a global television network, and made by Taewon Entertainment. From June 19 till August 8, … Read more

Is Police University Season 2 Release Date Confirmed Or Not?

Cha Tae-Hyun, Jung Jin-young, and Krystal Jung are the stars of Yoo Kwan-2021 mo’s South Korean television program, Police University. The story centers on a computer hacker who enrolls in university as a first-year undergraduate and a police university professor having 20 years of experience in criminal detection. From August 9 to October 5, 2021, … Read more

Seth MacFarlane Wife: Whom Is He Married To?

Seth MacFarlane Wife

Seth MacFarlane is an American actor, screenwriter, director, and producer, he is also a really wonderful voice actor. Seth Macfarlane is mainly known for his work in shows such as Family Guy, American Dad!, The Cleveland Show, and many other fantastic shows. He started his animation career with the show Hanna-Barbera, he has worked with … Read more