Is Ronja The Robber’s Daughter Based On A True Story? Finding The Truth!

Ronja, The Robber’s Daughter is a masterpiece written by Astrid Lindgren. As the book was published in 1981, millions of copies were sold. The book became its bestselling. And even the first novel to get translated into more than 35 languages. Lindgren has done a great job in writing fantasy tales for children. He said in an interview, about how his life is half devoted to children. He has always tried to portray his naturalist life, in his stories. 

To your astonishment, the series back in 1984 was adopted as a film. Not staying there, it was then released as an anime in 2014. With the series of its adaptation, one thing’s clear. The tale Lindgren has presented to the world is unique. Apart from being unique, it’s more fascinating. Not only do kids love watching the story, but it’s us too. But why are we talking about this again? Bringing to your knowledge, that this tale, is once again returning. Yes, it has been signed up to be released on March 28, 2024, as a series. 

With the excitement in fans’ hearts, their mind is fueled with a question. Is the series based on some real incident? To get your reply. Stay tuned with us as we delve deep into the series. 

Is Ronja The Robber’s Daughter Based On A True Story?

Yes, the series releasing on 28th March in Netflix is based on Lindgren’s fantasy tale written for children. But the story nowhere connects you to some real-life scenes. None of the characters in the tale is real. Therefore, the series is a mere adaptation of a fantasy world narrative. The story initially written was the imagination of the writer. Thus, it shouldn’t be mistaken as a true story. Are you wondering, about what’s the story? Well, then follow us to the next panel. As we disclose it there. 

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Narrative Of The Series

Ronja, the sole daughter of the head of Matt clan. She was born with a mere thunder lighting. That tore their mansion in two halves. Ronja grew up among the robbers and was nourished by the clan. They lived together and shredded every emotion amongst each other only. Matt clan was a group of robbers, residing in Scandinavia in the early Medieval times. Ronja, being the lone child, was treated as their heiress since birth. Matt clan shared an ancestral feud with the Borka clan.

The reason was unidentified, by their ancestors or the new generations. It was just passed on to their blood. But Ronja and the heir of the Borka clan are going to end this up. Read, how. While Matt’s clan resides on one side of the mansion. Borka clan came up to live on the next side. The chief of the clan had a son, Birk. From their birth, neither Birk nor Ronja has ever come across a child. They have been born and grew up surrounding adults of their clan. The very moment, both the kids exchanged views, were amazed. Will they grow closer? Or remain feud up?

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Will They Both Reunite?

One day, while Brik was playing in the forest. He was joined by Ronja too. They soon became friends and later lovers. However, it was difficult for them to continue their love. They tried their nerves out. But were caught one day. While Ronja shared food with Birk, they were caught red-handed. As Ronja, surrendered her love for Brik, was barred from the Matt clan. Her father refused to accept her as his daughter. This was a critical moment for both the clans. One side was their kid and another side was their dispute.

Ronja and Birk ended up leaving their house. Both resided in the forest alone. Sometimes, they found it to be a boon, while at times it was mystic. As tension surrounds, both families. They ended up with an astonishing decision. Neither the couple nor the fans have ever expected that. Borkas and Matts decided to reunite. Yeah, you heard that right. To get their emperor and empress back of their clan, they ended their feud. 

But some mystery awaits you. As Ronja and Brik returned home. They were married happily, and the clan’s future was in their hand. Surprising everyone, on and offscreen, the kids have come to a decision. They decided to end up robbing and moving out of the forest. Once done, they will get some work, and live a happy peaceful life ever after. Are you happy with their decisions?