Dehati Ladke Season 3: Will Rajat Return On Mini TV?

When you leave your family and friends behind and move into a different place to excel in life a lot of unexpected things might happen to you. Dehati Ladke shows us such a story. But is Dehati Ladke season 3 coming up soon?

The story of this series revolves around the life of a boy who is from a distant village. Yes comes to the city to change his dreams and get established in his life, but nothing seems to be easier as depicted in the films. Apart from talking about Dehati Ladke Season 3, we will also tell you everything about the plot of this teenage drama.

Dehati Ladke Season 3: Everything We Know Till Now

Have ever visited a village while travelling? If you have ever countdown the narrow dusty roads or the simply decorated houses then you know the feeling. People who live there have a lot of dreams in their eyes. Yearly a lot of people often move into the big cities to pursue careers and exams. Students who live in villages often start living in cities while they are studying for UPSC civil services or government jobs. They don’t understand the complexities that are always present in the life of people who are living in cities.

Dehati Ladke is a show that brings all of these mini-plots, stories, and emotional aspects with it. It revolves around the life of a young boy who starts to experience everything that he was missing from his life through all these days. He is coming to the city to study, but a lot of things start happening in his life in a quite short period. Everyone who has watched this web series has loved the way the directors have continued this storyline. The audience has given Dehati Ladke a solid 7.1 stars out of 10 on IMDb as of now.

Many of you might be wondering about a third instalment of this drama from the studio and director. So, when are we going to get Dehati Ladke Season 3? Or did the series get cancelled? Right now, we have no official news about Dehati Ladke Season 3. Season 2 came out back in 12th January 2024 – after that, the makers have not announced anything about a new sequel. The series is extremely popular among the Indian audience and hence, there might be another season. But right now, we have no official update on Dehati Ladke Season 3 or its release date.

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Dehati Ladke: The Weight Of Big Dreams And Big Responsibilities

If you have already watched the past two seasons of this web show, then you must be among the ones who are desperate for Dehati Ladke Season 3. But for people who are yet to start watching this series, let us tell you about the story in short. Dehati Ladke aims to tell a tale about stories that revolve around a boy who takes his life to a new beginning. The series begins with Rajat, who lives in his humble abode in the countryside. His life is full of simplicity and innocence – Rajat loves to find joy in the simplest of things.

But Rajat was growing up and he needed to find a good college to complete his higher education properly. Since he lived in Gonda, Rajat could not find many options in his hands. As a result, he had to move from Gonda to the big city of Lucknow. Rajat always dreamt of pursuing a career in Indian Civil Services. But to recieve proper education for clearing the UPSC exams, Rajat started his new life in Lucknow. Once he went to a big city, a lot of things changed for Rajat – he found himself with a new freedom and a new lifestyle.

But with new things, came a lot of consequences in Rajat’s life. As he was getting proper coaching for his UPSC exam, Rajat started gaining new friends. Since he was finding difficulties in his new city, Rajat needed some friends in his life. Soon, he started to like a girl named Prerna, and the duo started dating. Meanwhile, he had pressures from his family as examinations were closing in. A lot of things started happening in Rajat’s life – his relationship with Prerna did not last long. Will Rajat be able to handle such pain and pressure?

The Team Behind Dehati Ladke And Official Streaming Platform Of This Web Series

Shine Pandey acts as Rajat, the boy who moves to Lucknow from his old life at Gonda. Other notable cast members include Kusha Kapila, Saamya Jainn, Aasif Khan, Raghav Sharma, Tanish Neeraj, Sidhhant Yadav, Shashank Awasthi, Liliput, Pramod Awasthi, Maitri Bawa, Amresh, Ankit Bhardwaj, Akash Deep, Shashank Bhartiya and many more. Since Dehati Ladke Season 3 is still unclear to us, we will try our best to keep you updated in future. Till then, if you want to watch Dehati Ladke, please head on to Amazon Mini TV.

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