Is Blood Free Based On A True Story? Addressing Truths & Facts!

K-Dramas have never disappointed their loyal fans. Be it a criminal genre film, a romantic, or something from a science-fiction world. They are always going to entertain their fans, and the love will be at its peak. In respect to their fan’s huge demands, and making them wait for long. Something amazing has hit their screens recently. K-drama writer Lee Soo-yeon has presented to the world his new work. He has written several series and films for his fans. But this time it’s something different, and he expects love and support. 

The TV series, Blood Free is something relating to human habit. Almost in every corner of the globe, there are meat consumers. The writer here has brought up a company. And this company is deciding to build something unexpected, but useful they say. What’s that but? Know more later. However, several twists are waiting for you on the way. To know more about it, let us delve even more deeply into the series. Along with it, your favourite question is also answered ahead. Have a look then!

Is Blood Free Based On A True Story?

With the series’ commencement, fans are eager to know just one thing. The entire social media platforms are flooded with just one question. Is K-Drama Blood Free a true story? And the answer to this is a clear NO. This was very clearly stated by the writers and directors, that everything in the series is imaginative. The story comes from the writer’s imagination. And this is a sci-fi series. So instead of putting your brain in thinking, about its reality. Audiences must rather look for the entertainment and twist that awaits them in the series ahead. 

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Narrative Of The Series

Blood Free, begins with a biotechnology company, that aims to set the world free of killing animals. And those who are killed are on the human dining table. Though it’s not good, but still we humans are habituated. And for years this is on the go, to kill animals for your benefit. To stop this ritual, BF the biotechnology company, has aimed to stop this. This could be done by selling edible meat to humans, which will taste, smell, and look like the animal’s. But in reality, it won’t be so.

The offer is taken up to the world by BF company’s CEO Yun Ja-yu, played by Han Hyo-joo. He says it’s heartbreaking to see animals in so much pain. And humanity since it doesn’t exist wanna stop this. But do you feel this was the correct reason? Or is Yun fooling the world? Well, that’s gonna be clear once the series is out completely. Maybe Yun feels pity for the animals, but there’s one chance of him being greedy. Of the fact that artificial meat can be sold at cheaper prices, but still has cons and pros. 

What Will Happen Next In Here?

Well, with the company’s announcement to stop killing animals. And rather producing artificial meals for humans. There are many enemies generating in and out of the company. there are many threat calls to the company’s CEO. And to safeguard her profile and her precious life. Yun has hired a bodyguard, Woo Chae-woon played by Ju Ji-hoon. He has a muscular body and is a formal soldier in the army. Everything is gonna be crystal clear about the series once its episodes are out.

The first ever episode made its debut on April 10, 2024and was a mere introduction. The upcoming episodes on 14th April and so on will spill other facts. According to the teaser of the series, BF company will have labs, to grow artificial meat. And with the same thing, there will be more dominance in the society Market will be flooded with only artificial meats, and there company’s stock will be at a higher stake. 

As per the plans of BF CEO, she will free the world from the natural inhabitants of the food chain. And will introduce to them something new. Well, then this will be great and exciting to know what she will come up with. And if this is really for the sake of humanity. Or just a business mind, trying to lure innocent people out there? 

Where Is The Series Streaming?

The series, Blood Free is streaming on Disney+.

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