Is Netflix’s Ripley A True Story? Unveiling Truths & Mysteries!

Netflix has recently flooded its fan’s screens with a nostalgic TV series. The series has been many a time adapted as films, and series. If you are good at guessing, you must know it. And if not, we’re talking about the famous, “Mr. Ripley”. Got it now? Well, in the late 1950s writer, Patricia Highsmith, came up with a criminal novel. She announced it to be thrilling but at the same time psychic. Proving it to be kept away from children, as some scenes or the entire plot, is a sidekick and thought-provoking. Wait, wait! Because it’s not us who says this.

Writer Patricia, and all other filmmakers who have adapted this into their feature movies. Have always claimed that the entire series, apart from being wholesome entertainment. Is a mere psychopath film. And this is all because of the character Tom Ripley. He was a simple common man, hustling to live his life in expensive New York. But once he is sent to Itlay, to meet a rich Brad. Everything changes upside down. A common man will now turn into a criminal. 

Well, it’s high time that we talk on this topic. From its original novel series to its Netflix-adapted films. We have a lot to talk about and tell you all. But along with that answer to your most awaited question. Is waiting for you here. So without wasting much time, scroll, and scroll. Until you have reached the end of the article, and filled up with everything about “Ripley”.

Is Netflix’s Ripley A True Story? 

With the commencement of Netflix’s one of the greatest projects. Or we must say, the most awaited projects by its fans. There’s been a question all around the air. And in the brains of the fans, that aches their stomach. Is the film based on some true story? Well, then the answer to this is crystal clear. The film Ripley is adapted from Patricia Highsmith’s fantasy yet criminal novel series, “Ripley”. This had theoretically 4 parts. And so the film might be. But, entirely the character of the incidents in the novel and films are not from some real events. Everything is just a work of art and fiction. 

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Narrative Of The Series

Netflix’s new release Ripley is based on its original book’s first part. “The Talented Mr. Ripley”. A con man turns into a criminal, and the journey begins here. Ripley, while he struggled to earn and live happily in New York City. He was one day approached by a rich man of the town, Herbert Greenleaf. The Greenleaf family has an heir to their family business and was a spoiled brat too. Dickie, used to live in Itlay, party all day long and just have fun. He has nothing to do, with his family’s business. 

However, when Ripley reached and met Dickie, he was so in love with his lavish life. And it’s always said, money can lure anyone. The same is gonna happen next with Ripley. Soon, Dickie and Ripley started living together and shared a happy life. Until one day Dickie saw something unusual. In a locked room, Ripley imitated Dickie, his walks his talk, and every trait. This was shocking to not just Dickie, but his girlfriend, Marge, and his long-time friend, Freddie too. They knew before something was going to happen. But what?

Ending of Ripley Explained

Tom murdered Dickie and dressed himself as Dickie. Because he was in love with his lavish life. But when Freddie, came up to Rome searching for Dickie. Tom killed Freddie and dumped his dead body. While everything went on good, he sold money on clothes, and his attire to look like Dickie. But how was he covering his crime? Well, one day while returning to Venice, Tom instead of coming as Dickie, came out as Ripley. This puzzled the police. 

Everyone, including the cops, and Dickie’s family members, accepted that he is missing. While Freddie and Tom were murdered by conspiracy under Dickie Greenleaf. Until, Dicki’s girlfriend, Merge arrives to meet Tom. She already found Dickie’s ring in the hands of Tom, and there she questions him. But before this, Tom had already gone to the police. And said a deceit story of Dickie That, Dickie was in love with Tom, proposed to him in a boat. But when Ripley refused, he suicide and so the case was closed. However, more to the case, must be known if the series is gonna have new parts as the original one. 

Where Is The Series Streaming?

Ripley is streaming on Netflix

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