Is Andragogy Based On A True Story? Unraveling The Facts!

Andragogy, is a qute deiffernt genre film. Every time, we have discussed with you crime and thrilling films. But this time, it’s something unique. The film we will be discussing today is on cyberbullying. Baffled? Dont be. WrWregas Bhanuteja, in the year 2023, blessed your feeds with an amazing story. the film, “Andragogy”, is the one we gonna discuss today. You must be wondering, what is so special about this film. And what is the meaning of the film’s title? right. Well, then the film is dedicated to the victims, of cyberbullying. The film showcases the throbbing of the near ones of the cases. 

The film begins with a young woman, living a happy life. She served as a cou se, or in the school, and was out on vacation. But had never thought that one random film of her would change her life. While standing in a queue, she yelled at a line cutter. Some random person filme dan uploaded it on social media. In the meantime, her DM’s were filled with criticism. She was attacked with negative comments. And to heartbreaking thing, is that none of them knew the reason behind her reaction. What do you feel is it nice? Well, to know this, let us delve deeper into the film. 

Is Andragogy Based On A True Story?

As comprehended, the film showcases crucial messages that are quite pertinent to the present times. It definitely, rejoices the fans to think, that the film is based on some real story. And so with the release of the film, this one question is in high demand. Is the film based on a true story? The reply to your only query is a big no. The film, though features real-world problems. But at the same, it neither reveals some facts nor portrays the real characters. 

In fact, the filmmaker, Bhanuteja says, he was in search of some spoiled topic of society. And while seeking for one, his new project. He found some cases, of cyberbullying. He was inspired, by people’s struggle to prove themselves right, by blunders. He said the film will deal with everything a victim of cyberbullying goes through. From the mental stress to losing his loved one’s support. The film will give you a reflection of the real world, and it’ll make you familiar with the challenges people face. So are you ready to embark on a journey full of hustles?

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What Does The Film Concern?

The film will give you a complete reflection of real-world experiences. How one’s life can change with just a small video clip. It’s not just the victim who suffers due to your negative comments. But everyone close to them is suffering and is under pressure from society. In the film itself, you will see a young woman, seeing her life change from happy to distraught. And everything was because of the random person filming her reaction, to the right thing. 

Prani is a young woman, who served as a counsellor in the school. Out for vacation on the beach, she stood for long in a queue. Waiting for her chance to eat the famous, coconut cake. While they all waited one of the people came in the middle. Her outrage and anger broke out and was filmed by a random person. Before this incident, she was seen face timing a student of hers, who was caught. Caught abusing his companions, and she gave him a task. 

On the other side, is Prani’s son, an influencer. He is busy shooting TikTok videos. And as soon as the angry video of Prani was uploaded, everything changed. She started to get calls and DMs. People made negative comments, as she walked down the aisle. Neither her son nor her family members supported her for her behaviour. And everybody was busy cursing the woman, for her unnecessary behaviour. What do you think will happen next with Prani?

What Will Prani Suffer From?

After such a big incident, even the fans were awestruck. And were forced to think about Prani’s next step. Will she continue with her life? Will she get back to her work? And so many unsaid thoughts. As the climax of the film comes, everyone is crying out of sorrow. They saw Prani get back to work, bravely and boldly. Instead of supporting her, she was seldom, sledged and bullied. Not just her students, but even her colleagues were doing that. 

Prani still walked out bravely and started to do her work back. As the film was coming to an end, she was seen lying in the school’s backyard. She along with one of her students, is seen lying in the pond. They both went through therapy, to breathe underwater, This will relax their brains, and give them life. The film, however, did showcase a lot of things to the world. But still, it’s in our hands, to stop judging and passing comments to people. 

Where Is The Film Available?

The film is available on Netflix for fans to binge on. 

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