Bitch And Rich Season 2 Release Date. Addressing Its Renewal!

K-Dramas are always a one-go watch for all the youths, and teenagers. K-dramas have even always stood in support of their young fans. As they have never come up with something ahead of their age. Instead, the stories always revolve around the romance of college friends, school lovers romance or school bullying. Well, school-bullying who knows about South Korea, is famous there. Every year South Koreans have to suffer from suicide cases of children due to bullying. But still after so many awarding series, there’s no rule to follow. 

Anyways, coming back to our favourite part. The K-drama, Bitch x Rich (Bitch and Rich) anticipated the world of school bullying series list in 2023. And from then, with almost a year passed, there was no news about its renewal. Fans have a huge expectation, from its makers. The reason being the cliffhangers, that were left during its termination. However, to let you know everything we’ve searched for your queries. We’re here. We will tell you every small and big information. But for that, you must join us in this extremely surprising journey of Bitch x Rich.

Bitch And Rich Season 2 Release Date

Premiered on the web, K-drama Bitch x Rich on May 31, 2023. The series made its debut on audiences screens with 10 episodes. Not too long, but time duration that can be termed as a mini-series. The drama was full of chaos, mood swings, and crime too. Other than that, a complete roller coaster for emotions. 

The series terminated answering some questions, but at the same time. There are many fresh mysteries and cliffhangers for the viewers. However, the fans are now anxious to know its return. And to your knowledge, the makers have not broken their silence. There’s still no news about the show’s renewal. And so we can expect it to return by 2025. Until then, let us enjoy watching this, and some more new series that are on the way to our screens. 

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Narrative Of The Series

Bitch x Rich is a ride of emotions. It typically shows the situation in schools in South Korea. Every child has to undergo bullying for one or the other reason. And this time it’s because of the financial status. That is the battle between a rich and a poor girl. The cast of the K-drama has to struggle professionally here. To look good at their characters. While, at the same time they do even fight for their personal life problems.

However, the series commences with, a poor yet scholarly girl walking in the school. Until when she witnesses something quite dangerous. A girl was seen murdered in the school. Kim Hye-in is that poor girl. She was quite intelligent and had a good performance in the school. Looking at her meritorious character, and love for study. She was transferred with a scholarship to her dream school, Cheondgam International School. Kim had always dreamt of this school, to be warming and enormously big. That is correct even. But something else awaits here for Kim. 

Ending Of The Series Explained

As Kim enters her dream school, a group of enemies waits for her. And the group was of the spoiled brat. The rich girls group. They had nothing else than to exaggerate for their money and power. At the same time, Kim’s enemy BAek Je-na is a scholar in that new school. She feels this position will be snatched, once Kim enters. And the probability is the same. Because Kim is more intelligent and vigorous than Baek.

This 10-episode series, as mentioned above is a ride of emotions. This is not just going wet your eyes looking up at the bullying of Kim. But at the same time, will fire you up seeing, Kim’s reaction. As the story follows, Baek gets jealous of Kim for her boyfriend’s attention is all on Kim. And now the real fight begins. Kim is surrounded by the entire spoiled brats group, and being bullied. She was forced to jump off the school’s building. What do you feel will happen next? 

Everything has got an answer. But that will be shown in the next season. Till then we must find answers in our brain. As a whole, the series was an interesting one, unlike others. It tackled society’s one of the most looked-at topics. Not just a tense atmosphere all around the series. The viewer’s mood was lightened up with some punch lines too. As s whole, we can say, the series is worth watching. 

Where Is The Show Available?

Fans can watch Bitch x Rich on Netflix.

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