As The Crow Flies Ending Explained – Muge Realising Her Mistakes And Quitting Her Dream Job! 

One of the most celebrated Turkish shows on Netflix finally wraps up with a blockbuster ending to Season 3. All the riveting and intriguing episodes of As The Crow Flies Season 3 are now available to binge online. What a mind-blowing and captivating season it was! The ending of this engrossing Turkish drama indeed impressed the audience a lot. With even more complicated twists and turns this time, the third installment of the show was definitely worth all the wait. Coming to the eye-catching ending of Season 3, it seems like Muge has finally understood the fact that the hustling lifestyle and career of an anchor is just not made for her! 

On the other hand, the reunion between Kenan and Lale also caught everyone’s attention out there. That’s not all, but with Guliz finding out everything about Yusuf and Asli’s affair, we must say that Season 3 was filled with too many highs and lows. Well, the open-ending of the show has brought a lot of questions to our minds. So on popular demand, here is all we have gathered about the engrossing ending of As The Crow Flies Season 3! 

As The Crow Flies Ending Explained – Muge Realising Her Mistakes And Quitting Her Dream Job! 

As The Crow Flies Ending Explained - Muge Realising Her Mistakes And Quitting Her Dream Job! 

Thanks to Gul for finally seeing a charm in Muge and thus, allowing her to be the iconic face of the show. But guess what, Muge cracked down severely under pressure. Being the anchor of the main channel was always her ultimate dream, but little did she know that this role comes with too many chaotic problems. As the story moves forward we will see how Muge realizes the fact that she is not able to control her anxious self, which is why she is also not able to give her best as an anchor. Yes, she lashed out at Kenan and held him responsible for her poor performance. But with the ratings of the show going down, she could clearly see that she was miserably failing as an anchor. 

Being the face of a channel, she must do something epic each day to divert the attention of the audience towards her channel. But guess what, Muge’s work was so stressful, that she eventually started losing her hair. As her days passed by in the office, more and more insecurities piled up on her shoulders. Yes, this job was very important for Muge but she reached a moment where her life got way too imbalanced because of her hectic schedule. With the eye-catching conclusion to the third installment of the show, we will see how Muge finally decides to quit her job and ultimately, walks off from the office.

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Will Lale Give Another Chance To Kenan? Is The Couple Back On Track? 

The epic reunion we all have been waiting for finally happened! With Gul inviting Lale for an exclusive interview, yet again her paths crossed with Kenan. It was indeed quite heart-warming to see that even after so many months of being separated, Kenan’s feelings towards Lale had not changed a bit! On the other hand, we knew from the beginning that all her life Lale wanted Kenan to be by her side and understand her perspective. 

This was her moment to speak up. And she didn’t hesitate at all to open up this time. Yes, she had way too many complications in her life. But she knew that if Kenan started supporting her again, she could fight against any odds out there. In the very climax of the show, we also witness a moment where Kenan arrives to pick up Lale from the university. It seems like the couple has finally decided to work out their differences and mend their relationship. 

The Affair Disclosed – Guliz Plans To Take Strong Action Against Yusuf And Asli! 

As The Crow Flies Ending Explained - Muge Realising Her Mistakes And Quitting Her Dream Job! 

With Asli coming back on the Mon5 network, yet again something special ignited between her and Yusuf. We all know since the beginning that this pair was made for each other and Guliz was nothing but just a rebound for Yusuf! But it seems like the couple didn’t want to disclose anything for the time being! There was also a moment in Season 3 where they got intimate with one another, but shockingly enough, they decided to hide it all from Guliz. On the other hand, Guliz knew something was wrong with Yusuf’s behavior. She could clearly sense that he was having an affair behind her back! 

As you continue to watch this riveting drama, you will see how Guliz noticed a small string tied to Asli’s hair! It seems like long back, Guliz had gifted a watch to Yusuf and the string came along with that watch only. Thus, the mystery was finally resolved and Guliz now knew that Yusuf was having an affair with Asli. Given Guliz’s personality, she was not ready to accept such a betrayal and thus came her revenge plan. No matter what, she will do everything possible to destroy Yusuf and Asli’s lives forever.

Who could have ever thought that she would take this matter up to the court? Asli knew that they had messed up in the worst way possible and thus she decided to do as per her lawyer’s recommendations. Eventually, Asli had to sell off everything to satisfy the debt claims made by Guliz! But before returning to her hometown, Asli decides to meet Yusuf and advises him to apologize to Guliz for real. But unlike Asli, Yusuf is not someone to bend down so easily. He ultimately decides to never return to the media industry and instead settles down for a mediocre job. 

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Is Lale Going To Produce A New Show? Can She Convince Asli To Comeback To Town? 

The ending of Season 3 truly impressed us a lot! It was truly heartbreaking to see Asli coming back to her hometown. This would have meant she was taking a step back from the media industry forever. But guess what, someone was there who didn’t want Asli to leave that soon. This brings us down to Lale, who traveled all the way down to Asli’s hometown, just to meet her again! 

The two women had an interesting conversation where Lale told Asli that she needed to be more strong to fight against all the problems out there. In one way, Lale was quite determined to change Asli’s mind for real! Given that Lale has always been Asli’s idol and senior, she knew that Lale was making sense and it seemed like the duo might soon make a solid comeback. But the main question is what is going on in Lale’s mind? Is she planning to produce a new show? Why was she looking for Asli? 

As The Crow Flies Season 4 Updates – Will This Turkish Drama Be Renewed Soon?

If we are not wrong, many online sources do think that this popular Turkish thriller is not likely to be back with Season 4! Yes, you heard it right, as per the official announcement made, “As the Crow Flies” was meant to end with Season 3! Despite such a dramatic ending to the third installment of the show, Netflix has yet not commented much on the renewal status of Season 4. 

It is indeed true that the show wrapped up on a bright note. Maybe the creators wanted to end this series with a more realistic approach. But even then, we cannot deny the fact that we would like to know what lies ahead of Asli and Lale! Hopefully, in the upcoming days, we might soon get a spin-off series to this riveting show. But as of now, we haven’t heard much about the renewal of the fourth installment of the show. That’s all for now, to get more such interesting updates on other captivating Turkish drama series, stay connected with us, just right here.

As The Crow Flies Ending Explained – Muge Realising Her Mistakes And Quitting Her Dream Job! – FAQs

1. Is the Netflix drama, “As the Crow Flies” coming back with Season 4?

As of now, the Netflix drama, “As the Crow Flies” has not been renewed for Season 4. 

2. Did Yusuf apologise to Guliz?

Yusuf decided to take a strong stand for himself and decided not to apologize to Guliz. 

3. Did Lale resolve her differences with Kenan?

By the end of “As the Crow Flies” Season 3, we all saw that Lale and Kenan had resolved their issues and were back on track. 

4. Is the Netflix drama, “As the Crow Flies” meant to end with Season 3?

As per the official announcement made, the Netflix drama, “As the Crow Flies” is meant to end with Season 3. 

5. Was Lale able to change Asli’s mind?

By the end of “As the Crow Flies” Season 3, we all saw that Lale was quite successful in changing Asli’s mind. 

6. Is Lale planning to produce a new show?

It hasn’t been confirmed properly, but many viewers do think that Lale is planning to produce a new show. 

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